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Lessons from the Court

by Steve Goodier
Life lessons can come from unexpected places.

I have learned much about myself from the game of racquetball. In fact, I have learned a great deal over the years about all aspects of life and living on the racquetball court. Here are some of the more important lessons that have come from the court:

  1. People play better when they are encouraged. It’s true in life, too. People do better when they are encouraged, rather than criticized, condemned and judged.
  2. When two or more people occupy a small space, they should learn to share. It goes for planets, too.
  3. The only way to get better is to practice. And in life, the only way to improve relationships, learn courage or be happy is to practice.
  4. Pay attention. Those who lose their focus, lose games. And those people who are too distracted by yesterday or tomorrow will never live today fully and joyously. Focus on the present.
  5. There are always people who will do better than you. But your job is not to be the best, it is to do your best.
  6. Attitude really is everything. When you believe in your success, visualize it and work toward it, you are more likely to succeed.
  7. Losses are lessons. When I lose a game so badly that I am humiliated on the court, I thank my opponent for the free lesson. Failures are not endings; they are valuable opportunities to learn.
  8. It isn’t over until the last point is scored. Many victories are snatched after one comes back from almost insurmountable odds. So it is with life.
  9. Work can be fun, but fun should never become merely work. Life is to be enjoyed.
  10. The only way to score is to serve. Individuals and institutions that make a difference find ways to serve others. Additionally, those people who are happiest and most satisfied with their lives have learned to serve. Great lives are built on service.
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