I See You

The issue of human trafficking has never been heavier on my heart than now.  The last time that I remember it being to this heavy was August of 2018.  I woke with a weightiness in my spirit and I was prompted to write.  I believe this is the right time to share it with you.

He sees the victims and their families.  He has an answer and His answer is you!  My question is this; will you answer when he calls?  Will you go and do what He asks you to do?  Will you support those who are already in the fight?  Will you RISE UP?

These are the words the Lord gave me to write.



I see you

I see you deep below the hulls, I see you

God Sees You

He sees you no matter where you are.

I see you in the rooms, I see you

I see you in the darkness, I see you

I see you taken; I see you

I see you trembling and crying, I see you

I see you broken and abused; I see you

I see you bought and sold; I see you

I see you hurt and used; I see you

I see you captive, held against your will, I see you

I see you battered and bruised, I see you

I see your terror and your pain, I see you

Why don’t you help me, you ask?

Why don’t you hear me, you ask?

Why don’t you find me, you ask?

Why don’t you send someone, you ask?


I am

I do hear you

I will help you

I have found you

I will help you

I will send someone


If they will listen when I call

If they will follow what I ask them to do

If they will not delay


I hear the cries of your parents and those that love you

Desperate to find you

Desperate to hold you again

Hopeless and helpless, crying out to me


Where are you God, they ask

I am here, I am here


I am limited in what I can do

I cannot override man’s free will

I cannot make anyone do anything


The wicked one is at work

The wicked one has been hard after your children, this generation

He is after innocence and purity

His mission is to defile

His mission is to kill, steal and destroy

He is not alone

He has an army

He works in the heart of men and uses them to carry out his will


He is after the heart

Those taken and those waiting for them

I know it doesn’t make sense, but you have to trust me, no matter what

You have a choice

A choice to pray, believe and trust

A choice to forgive and let go

A choice to give it to me and let me help you

I will give you

peace, in the midst of the worst things imaginable

I can’t make you do this, it’s a choice


I am at work if you will only believe and allow me to be

I can only work through the hearts of men, just as the wicked one desires to do

I too have a mission

To save the lost, heal the brokenhearted and restore all that was damaged and taken

To restore innocence and purity and to cleanse that which was defiled

My mission is to give life and life more abundantly

To wipe away the tears and bring joy where there was once great sadness


I am not alone

I too have an army, growing day by day

I am equipping them and training them to take on the wicked one and win


Do not lose hope, even if the outcome is not what you want

Either way, I am with you

Whether here or in heaven

I know this is not the answer you want.

I know you want me to take all this from you, but I am limited in what I can do

I gave Everyone the right to choose, even you


Today you have the choice

To forgive those who have hurt you, mistreated you

Right where you are, you have to choose which way you will go

The way of the wicked one or will you choose my way


My way is not easy, however, you are not alone

I am with you and I will help you

Whether you are in the bottom of the boat held captive at this moment or waiting in the room for someone to come in

Or whether you are sitting in your home in your room crying out to me, praying for your loved one

I am with you, I hear you, I see you

Trust me


I am raising up an army

I am calling for more warriors to come alongside those already in place

Fearless and bold, going into places unknown

Following my voice to lead them to your cries

I am working, more than what you can see or understand

It will take time; some will be lost to this world but not lost with me

Paul said to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord


There is more than what you see in this world

There is an eternity, where will you spend it

You get to choose


Today, I call out to those who are with me

I call out to my army, RISE UP

Take your positions, ready yourselves

I am ready to pour out upon you

In every position, whether behind the desk or on the front lines

Ready yourselves for a supernatural equipping

The war has already been won

But the battle is just beginning


I see you

I hear you

And I will find you

I am at work

Trust me, no matter what it looks like

I am coming

I Bought the Lie

God is not a man, that he should lie; neither a son of man, that he should repent.  Shall he say and not do? and shall he speak and not make it good?  (Numbers 23:19)

What does one say of a thirteen year old girl who was nothing more than another run away? On the run for three days. I tried to run from a painful past. One of sexual abuse that seemed to torment me with guilt. I ran from it only to run into the arms of another man who would stain what was left of a cold night. I could smell the stench of oil and gasoline as he towered above me in the back of a van. This time I didn’t shed one tear. I don’t remember closing my eyes; the fear was gone. This time I would retreat to a place that was neither good nor bad. A place of vacancy filled with nothingness. If I were in grave danger then everyone around me was oblivious, including me.

Certain thoughts raced through my mind. “Just Scream, ask for help, anything but this.” No, not me. I was groomed into believing life was about sex. Groomed into believing that it was my fault. I bought the lie just like a naïve young couple, racing to buy their first home. The salesman is good. “Take it slow, look around. This house is steal.”  “We’ll take it.” The young couple eagerly agrees. I bought the lie just as they bought the house, without having the property inspected and surveyed. The perfect house would turn into the perfect nightmare. A nightmare that would cost them more than just money. It cost them their joy. While there is no joy in exposing a terrible truth… there is no joy in concealing it.

As the years toiled by anger grew in my silence. A deadly conformity of revenge began to live in that place of nothingness. I remember having one foot in the Church and the other in Prison. I thought of all the ways I would kill them, as if it were mapped out on a table before me. Thoughts of killing them became an intrusive obsession. My heart was hard. I was bitter and reckless, now nearly nineteen and living on my own, I was free. Free to come and go as I pleased. However, nothing could prepare me for what happened next…

I was about three blocks away from the condo I shared with a neighbor. A neighbor I had met just a few years earlier. A neighbor who went to church; a babbling church lady with more rules than the bible. One being keep the basement clean. On that night I left just before nightfall with my clothes scattered all over her basement floor.

I was sitting at the bar with a drink in my hand and fake I.D. in my back pocket when a man sat down beside me. The conversation moved rapidly from one topic to the next with ease. After a few drinks and a wild invitation to take a ride on the back of his new motorcycle I thought ” Why not? It’s three blocks away.” What’s the worst thing that could happen? A question far from my inebriated mind, now muddled with thoughts of keeping my drinks down and getting home.

This seemingly harmless man talked me into getting on the back of his bike, then refused to take me home. Again, I bought the lie. Under the “It’s my fault, I deserve it.” fate. Oddly enough, I was worried, but not nearly as much as I was worried about my roommate. A woman in her 40’s with children of her own. I knew she would not come looking for me and if she did, her eyes would be wide with curiosity, her face white with terror as the indignation of a broken rule set in. All I wanted to do was go home and clean my room.

That’s what went through my mind going 90 miles an hour on the freeway. My heart began to pound with one sharp turn after the next I could feel my body lean into it. He sped up then with a sudden stop, he jumped off the bike, gazing at me with a wicked smirk. He pulled his helmet off and waited for me.  I reluctantly stood under a street lamp in a normal neighborhood. The house he led me to did not look like it belonged to a rapist. Then again, what does a rapist house look like? The structure itself wasn’t deteriorated. It didn’t look haunted.

I did not want to take his hand, but I did. He led me into that house, mumbling under his breath “We are only going to be here a few minutes. I have to pick a few things up.” Ironically, the same thing I thought about on the way over with two very stark differences. We were not there to pick up his things anymore than we were there for a few minutes. We passed through the living room where an elder man looked up, seated in his recliner, he shook his head. His eyes shifted with disdain, irritated by me, by my presence. An eerie feeling overwhelmed me as I continued to follow the stranger up a flight of stairs.

I stood in the smoldering hot attic crunched down because of my height, my head touching the ceiling. I knew what was happening the only thing I did not know was whether I would get out of this one alive? My eyes scanned the floor intensely at the hundreds, and I do mean hundreds of Polaroid pictures of naked women that lay toppled upon the next. Women I have no doubt he kidnapped the same way, and victimized for days. Eventually, I convinced him that I cared about him. I choked on the words, “I love you.” While begging him to take me home to pick up my clothes. I know God saved my life. That’s just the beginning of my story. While looking back on my past, I realize I was someone on the run for thirty years.

It grieves my spirit to know that what is now well into my past is someone’s beginning. I have been raped by different men throughout my life, at some point I knew I had to let go of all those dry bones. I did not begin to live until I began to forgive. Forgiving them for what they did to me did not mean they had my approval. Instead it evicted all those thoughts that held me captive and demolished their building. A new foundation has been laid. “Upon these rocks I shall build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” -Jesus Christ

I am alive by Gods grace. God kept me then and God is keeping me now. God is not a man that he should lie. He is a God of Love and protection. I had no clue I would one day trade my shame, trade my sorrow, trade my bitterness and hate for a garment of praise. No idea.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for protecting us. Heal our inner parts, minister to that pain that tries to take us captive only to victimize us all over again. Give us a healthy perspective when it comes to men. Touch us with the boldness to come to your throne of grace that we may obtain mercy in our time of need. Show my sisters Lord, that they need not be ashamed of their past and it is not their fault. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and we don’t have to apologize for it. Father, teach us to truly forgive that we might find life. In Jesus name I, we, pray.  Amen.


Trade Your Guilt For His Grace

She said, “Oh sir, such grace, such kindness—I don’t  deserve it. You’ve touched my heart, treated me like one of your own. And I don’t even belong here!” ~Ruth 2:13

You Are Cherished

Having worked in the sex industry for six years, I had so much shame and guilt. I did so many horrible things that I lost control of my life. I was a horrible person; I did not care about anything and I lost sight of being a mother. I went into the industry on my own, and just got stuck in that life because the money was addicting. In the midst of that, I was searching for love that I never had from my father. I started when I was 19 years old because I thought I wasn’t smart enough for school.

Six years later, I ended up in jail for armed drug trafficking, the charges I took for a man I thought loved me. I had so much fear for this man because he had beaten me a couple times that I took the charges so he would not be upset with me. After telling the cops I would take full responsibility for everything, I was facing a minimum of three years in prison.

After a week of realizing this guy was not going to bail me out, I broke down and got on my knees and cried out to God. I just told Him all that had happened in my life and I told Him how sorry I was. God was spiritually operating on my heart in jail. You see, I loved that man so much, and at that point in my life I had given my heart to many men in sacrificial ways that in jail I felt worthless.

With a lot of time to think, I started to read the Bible and pray. I learned that, even through my shame from my sex life, my job, my sins, and these charges, Jesus still loved me. I found out that Jesus looks at me as a beautiful woman who does have worth. One day after much thought, I decided to give my life to Jesus and I asked Him to wash all of my sins away. With sincerity, I gave Him my word I would not go back to that life and surrendered my life to Him. It was the most freeing thing I have ever experienced. God gave me GRACE! I know if God can give me grace, He can give you grace, too, because He loves you so much. God loves you more than any man can ever love you! He gave up His only Son Jesus to die for your freedom.

Jesus said, “Daughter, you took a risk trusting me, and now you’re healed and whole. Live well, live blessed!” ~ Luke 8:48

Jesus, I’m sorry for all the bad things I have done. Please rewrite my history and make me new. I believe You died for my sins. My shame is here for You to wipe clean. I love You Jesus and I accept You into my life. Thank You for Your grace upon my life.

I am cherished. I am beautiful. I am valued. I am a new creation and my past does not define me. Today, I will Trade my guilt for His grace. I am priceless!

You Are Valuable

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still. (Exodus 14:14)

Do you ever wonder if there’s more? Have you ever felt ashamed, unworthy, or insignificant? Have you ever felt alone? You, my dear one, are in great company, as many of us have faced these very same questions. In fact, that is the very heart behind the book You Are Priceless. I invited twenty-one women to join me in an effort to bring the message of the Gospel to women in the Sex Traffic Industry. We express how God has taken our moments of insignificance, shame, feelings of unworthiness, and brokenness to express some of His most beautiful work! He truly does bring beauty from the ashes and we are living proof of just that! Read more