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Reaching God’s Most Vulnerable Women
with Ministry Resources

Most women struggle to discover and embrace their true identity, no matter their background

For the millions of women swept up in human trafficking, the commercial sex industry, mass incarceration, and other struggles, the journey towards positive self-discovery is paved with nothing but setbacks. These women think the world has forgotten about them – that no one cares.

God cares. The Priceless Journey cares. Our partners care.

That’s why we supply vital tools and education to women in need through our ministry resource center and partner organizations.

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Who We Reach

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The Commercial Sex Industry

Women are entering the commercial sex industry at an alarming rate. Not only does online sex work pose its own safety risks – like intense verbal abuse, violence, and fatal stalking – but it also serves as a gateway to “full service” sex work. Whether on a dimly lit street corner or behind a webcam, sex workers face much higher rates of sexual abuse and assault. Worse still, many states have laws in place preventing sex workers from filing rape charges against their abusers. 89% of women involved in sex work want to escape, but they don’t believe another life is possible. The Priceless Journey believes it is.

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Incarcerated Women

Despite amounting to less than 5% of the global population, the United States claims over 22% of the world’s prisoners. The ACLU reports that the incarceration rate among women has skyrocketed over the last 40 years. Today, 8x more women are behind bars than in 1980. 92% of women prisoners have experienced physical abuse in their lives. For many incarcerated women, abuse, neglect, and poverty began in childhood and never healed. These women believe they’re destined to be lifelong criminals, sex workers, and thieves. Society has turned its back on them.

We believe nobody is a lost cause. Everyone deserves another chance – and another and another.

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Pregnancy Care

A woman decides to change two lives forever every minute and a half. By the time a woman turns 45, there’s a 24% chance she’s experienced the anguish of abortion. Many women are either directly or indirectly coerced into having an abortion. Studies show about half of all women who choose abortion do so out of financial hardship or unpreparedness. So many of these women later come to regret their abortions, wondering what could have been.

These women – often from marginalized communities – need help to understand that they do have another choice.

We Believe Every Life is Sacred

We’re a group of women and men embracing the journey of freedom.

The Priceless Journey believes every human life is sacred from the moment of conception and worthy of salvation. Every woman is priceless – especially victims of human trafficking, sex work, and over-incarceration.

It’s our mission to support God’s most vulnerable women by partnering with churches and other organizations. We believe everyone deserves a second, third, or fourth chance to discover their true identity.

Wherever there’s a woman in need, we’re there with valuable resources to help her get out of the woods and on her journey towards freedom. Do you agree with our mission? Join us!

We Provide Resources to Women Who are Most at Risk

As a nonprofit based in Tampa and serving several communities, The Priceless Journey provides life-transforming resources to our community’s most at-risk women.

We proudly partner with law enforcement, ministries, churches, and other organizations supporting women to carry out our mission, such as:

  • Domestic violence safe houses and counseling centers
  • Ministries on the ground reaching strip clubs and street corners
  • Ministries and organizations supporting victims of human trafficking
  • Human trafficking education and prevention organizations
  • Jail/prison ministries and organizations preventing recidivism
  • Women’s groups & Bible Studies

Women say the material and books we’ve supplied have changed their lives – giving them hope, love, and the opportunity for a better life.

They have also said these resources have helped them better understand who they truly are. The resources have given them a better understanding of their own personal journey and purpose in life.

Oh, where do I begin? This organization is the real deal trying to bring real change. Influencing the marginalized, loving people and offering the world another choice. I am thrilled to be a small part of what they are up to!

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Join The Priceless Journey: A Nonprofit Organization Supporting Women

We can’t walk The Priceless Journey alone. Human trafficking, mass incarceration, abortion, and commercial sex work are all multi-billion-dollar industries with relentless financial power.

We need reliable and Christ-driven partner organizations to help us support women who need us most.

Do you want to empower ministries and organizations with life-transforming resources for vulnerable women? Please consider partnering with The Priceless Journey.

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