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Old Habits Die Hard

Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God… (Philippians 2:14-15)

I love it when Scripture just pricks your heart.  Just a little nudge in the right direction!  Way too often it becomes easy to complain about how busy we are, things that we don’t have, problems that we are facing, family issues, financial strains, and so much more!  You name it and we find a way to complain about it.

It’s time to adjust our line of thinking.  It’s time to look at what we have and all that God is doing.  Let’s be people who declare God’s goodness!  Let us learn how to daily walk without complaining.  The world might even take notice, if enough of us give up that old habit of complaining!

May we wake up each morning with gratefulness in our hearts for all that God will do throughout the day.  May we go to sleep at night dreaming dreams of thankfulness!

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Dear Father God, Please search my heart!  Help me to see where that old habit of complaining has snuck up on me!  May I choose daily to rejoice in Your goodness and put away my complaining nature.  May I have a heart of gratitude daily, as I walk with You!

Giving up my old habits of complaining,

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  1. MOM
    MOM says:

    How very true that is, I have really been challenged at this job to keep a good report there are a lot of people who are like manic depressive and its a challenge every day so THANK YOU for reminding me of this scripture. I have my bible on my desk open to “the tongue is sharper than a two edged sword” I will change it today to this. Love you much MOM

    • Sarah
      Sarah says:

      Hi Mom,

      I’m so glad to hear that God can use this devotional in your life. It’s a simple idea, but often I forget how effective it is. May God increase your joy this week and may He give you the strength to rise above the challenges you face at work!

      Love, Sarah


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