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Resources by Zoe Grace

you are worthy cover

You are Worthy

Being Worthy is not based on what you’ve done or what’s happened to you. It is not something that can be earned but it’s just something you already are. Each woman deserves to know that God has already called them Worthy, no matter the choices made. In this 36-page booklet, you will hear the stories of 5 women who traded their tragedy for a crown. When you share this booklet today, you will let someone know they are worth fighting for.

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You are Priceless

Every woman deserves to know that she is truly priceless. Her value doesn’t come in what she wears, what her past reveals, her talent, or anything she can offer. Her immense worth comes from a Creator who designed her on purpose, for His purpose. Some of our greatest moments of pain can be used for God’s greatest purpose when we let Him hold the pen to the story of our lives. Read the testimonies of five women, who had a life-transforming encounter with Jesus Christ, in this 32-page, full-color booklet.

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(Available in English, Spanish & Chinese)

you are fearless

You are Fearless

Do you know anyone who feels trapped or enslaved by their circumstances? “You are one action away from being FEARLESS”. That’s the message of this book. The stories contained in these 36, full-color pages will enable women to see that there is hope and help them find the courage to take action. Today, you can give the message that God has made them to be free from whatever bondage has captured them.

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overcomer booklet

You are an Overcomer

Do you know someone struggling with depression, discouragement, thoughts of suicide, addiction, or domestic abuse? This 36-page, full-color booklet will reveal that they, too, can overcome! No one is ever too far gone for God’s reach. He sees them. He knows them and He will help them overcome. You can be the welcoming light in their darkness when you place this in their hands.

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Resources by Our Founder

life compass v3 tv

Life’s Compass for Eternal Treasure

Life in Christ is nothing short of a grand adventure! Jesus never promised a life without trouble, but He did promise peace during the troubled times. Come experience the faithfulness of God and allow Him to reveal the mysteries of His unfailing love to you! A great resource for anyone who has recently placed their faith in Christ. A simple tool for discipleship, that helps navigate the adventure God has called us to embark on.

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make moments count tn

Make Your Moments Count

Billy Graham once said, “Only God, Himself, fully appreciates the influence of a Christian mother in the molding of character in her children.” Character is a life-long development and a mother is the first one to speak this into her children’s lives. Sometimes, it’s difficult to narrow down what are the most important lessons to teach our children, before they leave home. This 30-day devotional is packed with timeless wisdom and 80 scripture references mentioned to bring the challenge to life, and 21 moms speaking from their hearts.

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