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Facing Goliath ~ Part 2

If God is for us, who can be against us?  (Romans 8:31, NIV)

Facing Goliath ~ Part 1

Let’s step back into the story of David and Goliath.  I left you with three steps to take down your enemy.  Now I want to teach you how to be a victorious warrior for Christ!  How are we supposed to step on to the battlefield.  Let’s find out through the next few verses in 1 Samuel 17.

The battle lines have been drawn.  Goliath and his army are camped out on one side of the valley, while Saul and the Israelites are camped out on the other.  Who will make the first move?

Well, as the story goes.  Goliath makes the first move, and the second, and the third… In fact, he makes the first 40 moves.  The Bible says he comes out for 40 days and nights to taunt his enemy.  How daunting to hear Goliath shout day after day.  Can you imagine hearing your enemy defy God and everything you know for 40 days?

These were the shouts of Goliath for 40 days,

Goliath stood and shouted to the ranks of Israel, “Why do you come out and line up for battle?  Am I not a Philistine, and are you not the servants of Saul?  Choose a man and have him come down to me.  If he is able to fight and kill me, we will become your subjects; but if I overcome him and kill him, you will become our subjects and serve us.”

Then the Philistine said, “This day I defy the ranks of Israel!  Give me a man and let us fight each other.”  (1 Samuel 17:8-10)

Can you hear the taunting in Goliath’s voice?  I sure can!  Why are you coming to battle me?  Who do you think you are all lining up for battle?  You will never be able to take me down!  You can hear it in his voice.  Then he adds insult to injury, as he calls them the servants of Saul.  He does not even give them the honor they deserve by calling them warriors.  He is stripping them of their pride little by little.  Choose a man, as if he is saying can you find one among the servants.  He is degrading everyone in the ranks of Saul’s army.  Then he goes on to say, “If that man is able to fight me…”  Wow, Goliath is such a big shot!

I’ve faced a few of these big shots in my life.  How about you?  Have you ever faced a big shot trying to take you down?  Satan is constantly trying to steal your joy, kill your love for Jesus, and destroy the life you live for your Savior!  Will you let Him?  Are you going to show up for battle and just stand there and take these awful remarks?  I say no!  It’s time we fight back!

There are plenty of others who have shown up for battle for 40 days.  If they can do it, I know we can do it!  Let’s learn from our examples and move forward by faith!  Let’s not let the enemy kick us while we’re down!  Let’s show him a thing or two.

How to be a Victorious Warrior in Battle against the Enemy of our souls?

  1. Follow the examples that have gone before us!
  • Noah ~ For 40 days the flood waters poured on the earth.  Noah kept his eyes on God.  It was longer before Noah’s foot touched dry land again.  (Genesis 7:17)
  • Elijah ~ For 40 days he traveled to Mount Horeb, the mountain of God.  (1 Kings 19:8)
  • Israelites ~ For 40 years they wandered in the desert.  (Deuteronomy 8:2-5)
  • Jesus ~ For 40 days and nights He fasted and was tempted by Satan in the wilderness. (Matthew 4:2)

There are quite a few more stories that happened within an increment of the number 40, but this is what I will list for now!

2.  Recognize the enemy’s voice.

Jesus knew what the enemy’s voice sounded like.  He knew how Satan twisted Scripture.  He was ready for him!  Here are the words straight from the pit itself.

The tempter said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” (Matthew 4:3) Sounds like the same line from Goliath, “If you are able to fight…”  Jesus knew how to respond because He knew how to recognize the enemy’s voice.  We will not be able to respond, if we cannot recognize what is what in our world.  Do not let Satan deceive you!  He will try to play the “If game…” in your life too!

“If you had more money…”  “If you had a better home…”  “If you had a bigger car…”  “If your spouse looked more like so and so…”  “If your kids were better behaved…”  “If you had that education…”  “If only…”  Just fill in the blank!  You be the keeper of the if world!  Do not let Satan steal your joy!

3.  Respond loudly to the enemy.

Let the enemy hear you loud and clear.  He fights hard, so you should too.  Don’t be a wimpy fighter!  Fight with everything you have!  Jesus taught us how to fight and we have no excuse not to fight tooth and nail for our lives, our families, and our walks with God!

Jesus answer, “It is written:  “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”  (Matthew 4:4)

The one thing Satan can’t handle is the Truth found in God’s Word.  Study it, Memorize it, and place it deep in your heart.  Every word will cut deep into Satan.  The Truth in God’s Word will sustain you, strengthen you, and set you up for life!

4.  Realize the enemy will never be bigger than God!

After three attempts to get Jesus to fall in the wilderness, Jesus says the most powerful words to Satan.  He gives us these words to use in our own lives.  Memorize these words, use them, and they will serve you well!  Jesus is the ultimate victorious warrior!  He paid the price on Calvary and no battle will ever be bigger.  You never have to worry, now that Jesus has paved the way!

Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan!  For it is written:  Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only.”  (Matthew 4:8)

Dear Father God, Today I choose You!  I will fight hard in this battle.  Satan will not win.  I know he will come against me with his “If only…” lines, but I will fight him with the Truth found in Your Word!  Thank You for the POWER I have in You!  Victory is mine today and every day because of the price Your Son paid on Calvary’s Hill!

The Only Place I Surrender is at the Foot of the Cross,

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