Venti Jesus Espresso Dynamic Devotional

A Real Shot of Espresso

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! (1 John 3:1)

Who needs espresso when you have the love of God pouring into your life every day?  Every day I have my 2 cups of coffee in the morning.  I know some people can’t bare to go anywhere until they have had their coffee.  Some people need their energy drink. Last night I was reminded that True energy doesn’t come in a can, it can’t be bottled, or brewed in a pot.  True energy comes from God.  He is the One who wakes us up every morning with fresh air to breathe, a reason to live, and hope to survive on.

This whole devotional started over a simple cup of coffee at a restaurant last night.  I was out with my husband and a couple friends.  We were having dessert, so I thought coffee would be a perfect compliment to the morsels of delight.  I asked the waiter the difference between a couple things on the menu and he told me he doesn’t drink coffee.  He has found he doesn’t need it to have energy.  He wakes up every morning with plenty of energy for the day.  His name was Jason and the conversation continued from there.  (Thank you Jason for inspiring this devotional.  I hope you enjoy it!)  Well, Jason got me thinking about how right he was about where the True source of energy comes from.  Through the course of the evening I asked him if it would be okay to use his story about never having a cup of coffee, for my devotional.  I let him know that it’s so true, only God can give us energy for the day!

Now I am here writing and thinking, what would happen if we woke up every morning and ordered a Full Cup of Jesus?  If we truly understood the love that is lavished upon us by the Father, wouldn’t we jump out of bed with JOY!  Wouldn’t we desire to truly proclaim what God is doing in our lives on a daily basis?  Why do we live our lives half empty?  Why do we go day to day walking aimlessly?  We have a purpose, we are living for Jesus!  We have been called by name and God loves us as His very own.

Simple Coffee Menu

1 cup of Decaf Coffee = Living a mediocre life for Christ, a holiday and Sunday Christian.

1 cup of Caffeine Coffee = Living a life with a few highs in the Lord, but crashing in between.  Like a firefly, the light comes on with the burst of caffeine, but when the caffeine wears off, so does the light.

1 shot of Espresso = Living the moments you choose to live for Christ when it’s convenient for you.  Taking a shot of espresso when you want to live fully for God.

1 Cup of Jesus = Living all the time, full throttle, no middle ground, all the way, not lukewarm, giving everything, every day to the One who has lavished His love on us.  Poured it out for us like gold stored up in the richest man’s castle.  We are loved by the King of Kings!

Here is what a Cup of Jesus would look like:

Excerpt fromVenti Jesus Please by Greg Stier

Barista: Welcome to Spiritual Starbucks, sir.  May I take your order?

Customer: Yes.  I’d like a Venti Full Strength Jesus, please.

Barista: Sorry, sir, but we don’t serve Full Strength Jesus here.  You can have a Quasi Jesus, with a shot of something else to spice it up.

Customer: No.  I just want straight Jesus please…extra hot.

Barista 2: Sir.  (Whispering) Do you know why we don’t serve Venti Full Strength Jesus here?

Customer: No.

Barista: Because quite honestly, it’s a mess.  Once we served Full Strength Jesus, those who ordered it never wanted anything else.  Ever.  As a matter of fact, once they ordered it, they never were thirsty for anything again.  Which means they didn’t order again.  Which means it hurt business.  As a matter of fact, they started pestering the other customers and trying to get them to go with the Venti Full Strength Jesus. Those who like Full Strength Jesus Lattes think it is the way, the truth, the life and the drink that will quench their thirst for all time.

Customer: Well, that’s how I want him.  Straight and full strength.

So the question is,

Do you want a Full Strength Jesus today?  Will you let Jesus be the Source of your energy today and every day?  Will you focus on the love that God has so graciously lavished upon you?  Will you spend time BEING a child of God?

Dear Father God, Thank you so much for the love You have poured out on my life!  I’m so blessed to be Your daughter.  I pray that I will wake up with new and boundless energy every morning.  May I put my energy to use loving those who have yet to know of Your great grace and may I never forget to take my “Full Strength Jesus” for granted!  May You continue to bless Jason in his journey and put his energy to great use!  I praise You in all that You are!

DISCLAIMER: I still drink coffee!  I just know a Cup of Jesus every day goes a lot farther with my cups of coffee!

CAUTION: Those who drink a “Cup of Jesus” may become hotter than normal.  Sip with ease and enjoy every last drop!

Living on Real Espresso,

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