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Unlocking the Door ~ Psalm 119 Part 10

You are my portion, O Lord; I have promised to obey your words.  I have sought your face with all my heart; be gracious to me according to your promise.  I have considered my ways and have turned my steps to your statutes.  I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands. (Psalm 119:57-60)

I am continuously going back to God’s Word for the strength I need daily.  The Word is like a great feast at Thanksgiving, you just have to take the time to sit down and study it.  David shared his heart so willingly with the Lord in the Psalms and knew where his strength came from.  His words have been written down for us to read and learn the truth of who God is and always will be.  In this passage, we learn the following things…

God is our portion!

God is enough!  No matter what comes in life, God will always be enough.  He will not leave us empty handed, wondering where to go for help.  He will be there to solve the problems we can’t understand.  He will be there to hear our anguish, to catch our tears, to love us through our pain, and to hear the words we can’t even say.  God will be the portion for our lives!

We must promise to obey God’s Word!

We cannot claim ignorance to God’s Truth.  We need to live by it daily and study it as often as possible.  We must cling to every promise that is found in the Word of God and apply it to the life we live.  Every time you learn more of who God is calling you to be, you will see a piece of the darkness inside of you revealed by the light of God.  Let this be an indication to hold on to God’s Word and reflect His image.  Do not shy away from the new promise you have learned, instead follow God in complete surrender; giving every detail to Him.  Our lives are not ours to live, we are here to simply live obediently for God!

Seek God’s face with ALL your heart!

It will always take everything you have when seeking God.  God’s not interested in 20%.  He wants your best!  Are you willing to give Him ALL your heart?  Is there something else that has a piece of your heart?  Seeking God comes daily, moment by moment, breath by breath, and God looks for it in you.  The time to seek God’s face is now, not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, it’s right now!  I hope you use this moment to start seeking God with ALL your heart!

Consider your ways!

Are your ways right?  Are you walking towards God?  Are you walking right passed the people who need to know God or are you stopping to let them know the love of the ONE you know?  Consider your ways and make sure they are always right before the Lord!

Turn your steps to God’s statutes!

If for some reason you are walking in the wrong direction; it’s time to turn around.  Turn your steps toward God and walk toward the One who knows you best.  Walk in His ways and your life will be better than you have ever known before!  Only God’s ways can make your life the best it can be!

Do not delay in obeying God’s commands!

Obedience is the key to unlocking the door of a fulfilling life in Jesus.  Obedience can be difficult at first, but God knows what’s best for His children.  He will always lead them to the best places.  Will you follow Him?

Let God be your portion today.  Find the many ways that obedience can unlock the door to a fulfilling life in Jesus.  Never let unforgiveness hold you back from the steps you should be taking in the Lord.  Continue to walk forward and find great joy in all the Lord has for you!

Dear Father God, Thank You so much for being my portion!  You have always been more than enough for me!  I pray that I will use the key you have given me to unlock the doors ahead and obediently walk forward, as you call me forward into whatever is ahead.

Always Your Child,


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