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15 Ways to Discover Joy in Motherhood of Toddlers

You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore. (Psalm 16:11, AMPC)

I’m learning there are several ways to enjoy motherhood. Yes, it can be a daunting task at times. But often if I change my mindset and look for ways to enjoy it… I discover that there is joy in motherhood. More joy than I can possibly comprehend. I want to share some of the things that have brought joy to this journey for me. I pray that you will discover the joy that the Lord has for you as you embrace this adventure called motherhood.

  1. Get outside ~ this helps me a lot! Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air helps get my mind in the right place.
  2. Plan a play date ~ play dates with other moms are absolutely invaluable.
  3. Discover a new playground ~ my boys and I love going for a ride in the car and discovering a new playground. To make this extra special, stop and get a coffee treat for your time there.
  4. Create a leaf pile ~ my son loves to make leaf piles and jump in them. I find joy in watching him enjoy the simple things of life.
  5. Give extra time to everything ~ This one has helped me a lot. I need to give at least an extra 3o minutes for everywhere we go because inevitably there will be a blowout or a “I’ve got to go the bathroom mommy” right before we leave. That extra time helps me enjoy myself and not get stressed.
  6. Cook together ~ My 3 year old loves to put on his apron and help me cook in the kitchen. Sure it’s a crazy mess but I’m telling you that it’s a hundred more times the fun.
  7. Laugh often ~ Laugh as often as possible even if it’s at yourself. This will definitely increase your capacity for joy.
  8. Don’t keep a record of wrongs ~ show grace to yourself and your children. No one’s perfect! Let go and enjoy the next moment!
  9. Forgive quickly ~ the quicker you forgive, the faster you can enjoy the next moment.
  10. Give yourself permission to enjoy it ~ Sometimes I simply have to give myself permission to just enjoy these sweet moments as a mom of tots. They are God’s gift to me and I want to enjoy them as much as possible.
  11. Become a part of a Mom’s group ~ I’m in a MOPS group that I love. It’s great to reflect with other moms on the crazy times of motherhood.
  12. Join a Bible study ~ these help you stay focused on what really matters and keep you accountable to grow in Christ.
  13. Workout with your kids ~ I do leg presses with my boys and airplane rides. We have been known to put on an exercise video and exercise together. The endorphins released bring on the joy!
  14. Play lots of games ~ my sons enjoy anything that I can make into a race. We race into church. We race to different places. We play “I Spy” a lot and even “Red Light, Green Light”. Games make life fun for you and your child.
  15. Carve out time for yourself ~ this one is very important. You are working hard all day, every day. You deserve a break once in a while. Don’t neglect to take care of yourself. The time you carve out for yourself will make you a better mom for your children.

Dear Father God, Please help me to remember that there is so much joy to be found in motherhood. May I not wish a single day of it away but may I embrace this season that You have entrusted to me. I pray that every day I will look for the joy that can be found in the little moments and enjoy my boys to the fullest. 

Discovering Joy in Motherhood,

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