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Having Fun Grocery Shopping with Kids

You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy. (Psalm 30:11)

It’s time to remove the sackcloth and start dancing with joy at the grocery store.

I use to dread taking the kids to the grocery store. I thought it would be torturous to bring 2 kids under 3 into that kind of atmosphere. Who knows what they would do? Would they choose this moment to go crazy? I had the scenarios played out in my mind and I was making it much more complicated than it needed to be. I’ve found ways to make it fun. Ways to enjoy grocery shopping with my kids. In fact, I now look at it as enjoyable to bring them because it gives me an opportunity to teach them. I’m teaching them what produce to pick out, how to know what’s ripe or not ripe, what foods are good to eat and what ones aren’t good for us. I use it as a vehicle of learning and my kids seem to enjoy it.

Zion (3 years old) has become my little helper. He loves picking out the right produce and putting it in the cart. He sometimes picks out things along the way that we don’t eat in our home and I have the opportunity to teach him what’s better for his body.

We review colors, shapes, letters, and numbers as we walk the aisles. In fact, here is a little scavenger hunt you can use the next time you go to the grocery store.

  1. Find something that is red.
  2. Find something that is green.
  3. Find something that is blue.
  4. Find something that is orange.
  5. Find something that is yellow.
  6. Find something that is purple.
  7. Find something that is white.
  8. Find something that is black.
  9. Find something that has a round shape.
  10. Find something that has a square shape.
  11. Find something that has a triangle shape.
  12. Find something that has a rectangle shape.
  13. Find all the letters of the alphabet.
  14. Find as many numbers as you can.
  15. Look for the word SALE.
  16. Look for the word ORGANIC.
  17. Look for the word HEALTHY.
  18. Find something in a can.
  19. Find something in a box.
  20. Find something in a bottle.

You are welcome to add more to this list. To make it extra fun I’ve thought of giving Zion a penny for anything he can find on the list. This teaches him to be observant and that there is a reward when we pay close attention to details. Each penny he can place in his piggy bank and use for another shopping trip.

My hope is that you will find the next grocery trip to be a little more fun and a little less torturous. What are some ways you entertain your kids while shopping? What tricks do you have up your sleeve? I would love to hear what works for you.

Lord, even in the mundane task of grocery shopping I want to serve You and teach my children how to be good stewards of all that You have given us. Please help me to make it fun and enjoyable for them. May I have the patience to stop and teach them along the way. May I see it as a privilege to take them with me and not a chore. May I embrace these days, knowing that all too soon they will be gone.

Having Fun at the Grocery Store,

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