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No Hesitation

‘Come, follow me,’ Jesus said, ‘and I will make you fishers of men.’ At once they left their nets and followed him. (Matthew 4:19-20)

It seems that no matter how many times I read this passage of Scripture, it still amazes me.  There was no hesitation!  There was no questioning!  The men simply left their nets to follow Jesus.  There have been many times in my life where God has asked me to drop my nets and follow Him.  But I have to be honest, most of the time I’m not ready to drop everything.  I tend to want to figure things out and ask a lot of questions.  I want the where, when, how, and why of the situation.  I want it all.  Often, all I get is “Just come follow me!”

There is no indication of where I’m going at times, no method on how to get there, and many more questions left unanswered.  So I have a choice, drop my nets and follow the One who knows the where, when, how, and why.  Or keep doing what I’m doing and miss out on the next opportunity with my Faithful God.

I’m making a choice to drop my nets, to drop my insecurity, to drop my fears, to drop my questions, to drop my desire to control…  I’m dropping it all and following Jesus in the next step of my life.  What do you have to drop?  What’s holding you back from fully following the One who has called you forward?

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Dear Father God, I know You know my heart and how often I tend to let my questions stand in the way of fully following You.  Lord, today I choose to drop the questions, the control, the need for answers, and I simply follow You!  I look forward to every step I can and will take in You.

No More Hesitation,

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