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Top 25 Things I’ve Learned from my Toddler

Here are the top 25 things I have learned from my toddler…

  1. Keep life simple. Don’t overcomplicate what having fun really looks like!
  2. Paper plates make great frisbees.
  3. If it’s got a spherical shape it’s a ball (oranges, clementines, and grapes Beware!)
  4. Imagination is powerful and can truly take you anywhere.
  5. Failure is the doorway to strength and independence. (I look at it as lots of practice time!)
  6. Organization is for the birds. (Letting go of the little legos with the big legos, the bath toys not in the bath, and the balls scattered everywhere.)
  7. Playgrounds are a Mom’s Best Friend.
  8. Play Dates help you keep your sanity.
  9. Kisses and bandaids have magical powers when it comes to booboos.
  10. Poopy days come and go. (Literally)
  11. If you’re not having fun, something’s wrong.
  12. If you’re not completely exhausted by bedtime, something’s wrong. (And I mean Mama!)
  13. Great little helper ~ twice the mess, but a hundred times more the fun.
  14. Everything I have can be replaced but not his precious heart.
  16. The kitchen table makes a great fort. (Just throw a sheet over it and it’s an instant fort!)
  17. Stairs are great for multiple activities when it’s too hot or rainy outside.
  18. Never Give Up! (It takes time to master a skill, but it’s worth the time and effort.)
  19. There’s always time for snuggling. Laundry, dishes, and clean up can wait!
  20. Stay calm. Most things can be resolved by tuning in and listening!
  21. Speak life into them and you will see strength of character develop.
  22. Childlike faith is amazing!
  23. Find joy in the little things.
  24. Forgive and move on. Love that my little boy forgives me so quickly. I need to do the same for him and others!
  25. Learn from your mistakes. There are plenty of opportunities for growth!

Dear Father God, Thank you for every lesson you have taught me from my sweet little toddler! I pray that I will continue to embrace the moments I have with him and cherish the time that I’ve been given. May our days together be full of adventure and joy without measure! And more than anything please help me to teach him how to follow You!

Thankful for these moments,

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