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So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed. ~John 8:36

We recently had our end of year celebration and it went amazing. We announced that this next year we will focus on partnering with our law enforcement. We will do our best to create and provide resources that help our law enforcement be the bridge of hope to the victims they come in contact with. Every testimony throughout the night shared how the book is impacting lives and the difference it is making on a daily basis.

The evening started with our Board Member Natalie Southward. She did an amazing job welcoming everyone and setting a sweet atmosphere. Sharing how the book has made a difference in the clients she reaches at her practice.

Then we heard from the Chaplain on our board. David Pletincks did an awesome job sharing how the

book has made a difference to prisoners at Hernando Correctional Institution and the awesome Priceless Conferences we have been able to provide for them. Thank you Chaplain!

An amazing dinner was served with lots of sweet fellowship time. The salmon, beef, and vegetables were all donated by the Vault, the place that hosted our event. The food did not disappoint. It was fit for a King and many in attendance sang the praises of how delicious the food was!

A moment to stop and take pictures with some of the best board members, leaders, and speakers a

ministry could ever hope for. I’m not sure how we got the best on our team and we thank God daily for each one of them. They bring different strengths to the table and equip TPJ to operate at it’s best. Thank you to each one of you. TPJ is what it is because of you and your sacrificial service to it.

We are grateful for Dr. Raul Serrano (TPJ Board Member) who shared the impact the book has had on his life and why he feels it’s vital to get it in Spanish. He shared the staggering statistics of the spanish speaking community who need the book and we each left with a new fire to get it done.

Next, we were in awe of the beautiful performance of the ballerinas who shared their time and talent

with us. Each one donating their gift to the ministry so that the story of human trafficking could be better understood. Starting with a piece to the song “Does Anybody Hear Her?” by Casting Crowns. It moved us all and reminded us to keep our eyes open to those who are hurting around us. Not turn our noses up and walk away, but engage with the broken and invite them to healing with the You are Priceless book.

Corporal Alan Wilkett (TPJ Board Member) packed a punch with his message. He gave us the cold hard facts of trafficking and shared why it is essential for our law enforcement to have this in their vehicles. He talked about the impact the book has made on one victim named Skittles and how her life has been transformed since reading it. It was powerful and engaging! Many wanted to join the fight after hearing his message.

Aubrey came out to show how the book awakened her in the dance performed to the song “Rescue” by

Lauren Daigle. It was beautiful and reminded us that the book is a bridge for every victim and every woman who has ever felt marginalized, forgotten, and exploited by our society. May every woman come to life as she reads the book and remember that God is a God of restoration and redemption!

Our next speaker, Kim Squires, shared a powerful redemption story of her own life. Six years as a trafficked victim left her hopeless until God redeemed her story. She reminded the dads in the room to love their little girls and not let a trafficker be the first one to speak these three words to them…. “You are beautiful.” That was all it took for Kim’s trafficker to get her hooked and she now declares that doesn’t have to be the story for the next girl.

One last ballet performance to show the community around the one who had been trafficked. The ones

who rejected her in the first piece became the ones to accept her in the last piece. It was beautifully danced to the song “Priceless” by for King and Country. The dance left us breathless, reminding us that every woman is priceless.

Our keynote speaker and founder Sarah Malanowski was next. She shared from her heart and reminded us that every little girl dreams big. Sometimes life impacts that dream and buries you in a pile of rubble. Until you decide to arise as a warrior. Until you peel back the layers and become who you were destined to be. Showing up for the next battle. Fighting for the next one who doesn’t know how to fight for herself. It was memorable and moving, awakening those in the room to their own destiny within the fight against human trafficking. Every single one of us holds a key to unlock hope for someone. We make the choice to turn the key and set someone free. Until every man, woman, or child has had an opportunity to embrace the journey of freedom!

We want to thank Pastor Kevin Stamper for sharing with us the beautiful bridge illustration. Reminding

us that many are scarred to cross the bridge that leads to life. Some just need us to offer assistance and walk with them through their freedom journey. Our book You are Priceless is the bridge, offering women a new life and giving them hope to dream again.

Yes, it was quite a night. Amazing in every possible way. We are thrilled with the outcome and grateful for every person who chose to spend their evening with us. Thank you to our sponsors who made it possible for this event to be fully sponsored and to those who helped us pull it off. We couldn’t do this without all of you and your support. TPJ is honored to be aligned with you in this mission and purpose. May we move forward embracing the journey of freedom and unlocking hope for one more in this coming year!

If you want to help us unlock hope in 2020, you can click here. Every donation helps us carry on the work and rescue more women.

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