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New Year Reflections

Do you see what this means–all these pioneers who blazed the way, all these veterans cheering us on? It means we’d better get on with it. Strip down, start running–and never quit! No extra spiritual fat, no parasitic sins. Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we’re in. ~Hebrews 12:1-2 (MSG)


I have been doing a lot of reflecting on 2017. I remember entering the year with some goals in mind. There were a few things I hoped to accomplish. On January 20th, 2017, my plans changed. I lost my publisher. They closed down without notice. It forced me to really look at my writing and pray through what I wanted to do moving forward. I had a book that was done but no way to get it through distribution. I had to redo the Make Your Moments Count book and truthfully I think it turned out better the second time around. Even though I was pulling out my hair to do it. Kind of frustrating to go through the process of putting a book together twice. But God knows! He ALWAYS knows best.

While working on my mom book for the second time around, I felt the urge to continue with a book that I had started called You Are Priceless TampaA little over two years ago, I felt the Lord had put on my heart to customize a book for women who are in the commercial sex industry. A book that could be given to ministries in the Tampa Bay area to hand out in the clubs, on the streets, in the brothels, and massage parlors. A book with the Gospel clear as day and an invitation to trade shame for God’s purpose. It was an incredible journey to bring the book together and honestly I thought that’s where it would end. One book, tie it up with a nice little bow and be done.

national version priceless

Well, not so much in God’s eyes. There came requests from every direction for the book. The book I customized for Tampa, FL. It didn’t make sense that You Are Priceless would go anywhere but Tampa. But God in His sovereignty had painted a much bigger picture than I could see. He was opening up the door for this book to be customized for cities across our nation, as well as a national edition that would go through distribution. It’s fine because I look back and feel like all I did was say yes to the journey. Each step a feeble step of faith in the direction of God’s calling on my life.

I started 2017 with one book in mind and ended with 4 books. I started as God is Always Faithful, LLC. and ended as The Priceless Journey, a non-profit. I started with an idea that I would move on to write more books but ended the year realizing that Priceless is my lane for a little while. I started as one person doing many things and ended with a team of people helping me reach a bigger audience than I could ever have hoped to reach. I started with a vision to partner with ministries, giving them life-transforming resources and ended with the realization of many partners. Yes, throughout my year God was at work. He had a plan. A much better plan that I did. I’ve held on tight through the bumpy moments and watched God do incredible things, all because I remained available to Him and His purpose.

So I enter 2018 with a clearer focus. I enter with clarity of the calling that God has on my life. I enter ready to throw off anything that would hinder me from doing the work that God has called me to do. I enter ready to give my best yes. Even if that means saying no to some good things. I enter this year available to do God’s work, flexible, moldable, and adaptable to His Kingdom purpose. I may not get it right 100% of the time, but I will pursue my King and His purpose for my life in this new year. To Him be the glory for the great things He has done. I pray that 2018 will be my best year yet, totally devoted to God’s purpose and pliable to the work of His hands.

This last year, I remember one young lady saying to me about the ministry God is calling her to, “I don’t want to do it until I can get it right.” My initial thought was, “then you will never do it.” This last year was testament to that for me. If I waited until I had things figured out, perfectly planned, and situated just right; then I never would have started. I would have missed out on the adventures God had waiting for me.

God doesn’t need you to figure this coming year out. He just needs you to remain available. He doesn’t need you to do it perfectly. He just needs you to allow His power to be made perfect in your weakness. He doesn’t want you to rely on your strength to get it done. He wants you to depend on His strength. This year will have it’s challenges, but one thing I know God is already there. He’s already got a plan in place!

And even when I can’t see His hands at work, I can trust His heart!

Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for an amazing ride. 2018 has some great things in store for all of us and the Maker of the stars has designed some beautiful moments for you to be apart of! Enjoy every single one! 

Dear Father God, thank You for being patient with me. How many times I’ve tried to work in my own strength when You wanted me to rely on Your strength. Lord, please help me to forever be available. Not working for perfection but working for the Perfecter. The Author and Perfecter of my faith. Lord, I’m yours! Available for Your Kingdom purpose in 2018! 

In God’s Grip of Grace,
Sarah Lindberg, author

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