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Every 96 seconds, a woman makes a decision that changes her life forever.

An estimated 876,000 abortions took place in the United States in 2018, with roughly 18% of all pregnancies ending in abortion (not including miscarriages).

In fact, nearly a quarter of all women will experience the pain of an abortion by the time they reach 45 years of age. They often suffer the rest of their lives in shame and silence.

Women from marginalized groups are particularly at risk due to socioeconomic hurdles and challenges.

Black, Hispanic, and other ethnic minority women account for 62% of all abortions.

Many women are directly or indirectly coerced into their abortions, which they later come to regret.

About half of all women who have an abortion cite financial hardship or unpreparedness as their reason.

Women need to understand that another option is possible. They don’t have to end the life inside them and find themselves regretting it for years to come.

It’s time to break the silence and save two lives in the process.









Pregnancy Care Center Ministry Resources Could Save Two Lives Every Two Minutes

Mothers who abort often aren’t educated about the implications of their actions, particularly the psychological and emotional damage.

Many of these women have been abused, exploited, abandoned, and neglected their entire lives. They feel unloved and outcast from society due to socioeconomic problems.

The Priceless Journey works to educate our most vulnerable women with pregnancy care center resources.

We can’t make the decision for her, but we can help her understand the beauty and value of the life growing inside her.

Our resources show women that they have other options available and community recourses to support their motherhood.

Through this work, we also save the life of the unborn.

“I was determined to terminate my pregnancy, but after reading this book, my heart was changed.” ~ New Mom

Be Part of the Solution with Pregnancy Care Ministry Resources

The Priceless Journey provides books and church resources for pregnancy care centers to women searching for answers.

These books breathe fresh life into the many women who walk through their doors every day.

Women deserve to know the full scope of their decision and the truth about abortion. Our resources are there to help when they need some guidance.

The Priceless Journey partners with established pregnancy care centers like Care Net, Oasis, and Guiding Star Tampa to save lives. Together, we can help them embrace a new life for themselves and their children with the right resources.

Your donation today can help save the lives of children and mothers in your community.

Contribute now to help us spread the word of redemption and hope.

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