Kim, Director of Operations

kim operations priceless journey

A year ago, if you asked me I would not have said this is where I would be today. A wife, mother of two boys, and knowing in my heart my value in Christ. He has led me on a beautiful path to understand my intricate value and that path is on The Priceless Journey. It’s exciting to not only receive this but also offer to many other women along the way through TPJ. Every choice I have made has led me on this Christian walk where more than ever I want to be there as support to others going thru tough times.

On a monthly basis I am in the trenches with women in the sex industry letting them know that they are not alone. That we will walk the walk with them and help them achieve true freedom in their identity in Christ. So after over 15 years in the business world and many life experiences I have come on board The Priceless Journey as the Director of Development and Operations. My hope is to come along the many ministries working in the trenches by creating programs, special moments, and events through The Priceless Journey that will help them keep their missions alive.

God is within her, she will not fail; God will help her at the break of day. ~ Psalm 46:5