Katie, Ambasador

katie priceless journey

My personal journey began overseas, growing up in the world of missions and ministry. I feel this was an undeniable part of who I am today because it immersed me in diversity, in a multitude of cultural influences, and in a very raw world-view. From a young age I lived and breathed the heartache of underprivileged nations– I saw the affect it had on lifestyles, especially those of women and children.

I grew up wrestling with the unfairness that seemed to prevail. I came to know outrage at the way vulnerability was taken advantage of and how innocence was so heartlessly destroyed. God has since led me on a path of understanding both grace and justice, both righteous anger and forgiveness. My story has been one of seeing poignantly how He takes a heap of ashes and breathes beauty into them. And so it is with eagerness and great honor I find myself a part of The Priceless Journey.

I had partnered with Sarah in very small measures on several of her books, contributing bits and pieces of art. But, having developed my experience with graphic design over the last five years, I found myself in a position to do more than just the odd painting. She asked if I would consider contributing art and design on a regular basis and was thrilled to say yes.

When I’m not engrossed in creating a piece, I’m a full-time momma to the most feisty and fun tiny human I’ve ever met. I’m also married to my best friend and adventure-buddy, so when neither of us are working, you can find us gallivanting about or renovating our century-old home. Life certainly keeps me on my toes!