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Wearing the Right Shoe

He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noon day sun. (Psalm 37:6)

Let’s finish up this week in Chapter 17 of Life’s Compass for Eternal Treasure

The walk through this passage of Psalm 37 has been leading us to a wonderful place.  I don’t know if you noticed, but the last verse we covered kind of left us hanging.  So what happens after you commit your heart to God?  Well, He says, “He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noon day sun” (Psalm 37:6)…

…I remember one time when my old roommates and I decided to go visit their grandmother, my adopted grandmother, at the hospital.  Her name was Mommom, and she loved to laugh.  Often our moments would be called “Minnesota Experience.”  I was from Minnesota and all my experiences sure could make her laugh . . .   Well, this day was unlike any other.  I had been complaining to my roommates how my shoes just didn’t feel right.  I had just bought a new pair of sneakers, but for some reason they never seemed like the right size.  I walked around in them for two weeks.

Well, I guess my roommates got tired of my complaining and asked to look at my shoes.  Would you believe that one was an eight and a half and the other was a ten?  No wonder I couldn’t walk straight, I was wearing two different size shoes.  Oh boy how we laughed and laughed at this.  I kept trying to justify why I had never looked at the size of the shoes and how I didn’t notice that big of a difference.  It didn’t matter what I said, they would just laugh all the more harder.  And that is how I came to be known as the girl who provided a little “Minnesota Experience” for my adopted family.

Do you ever feel like you’re walking in two different size shoes when it comes to this walk with God?  It’s difficult to do.  Quite uncomfortable, that’s for sure.  Well, we walk in two different size shoes when we say one thing and do another.  We walk in two different size shoes when we adapt to someone else’s style of living instead of God’s.  I think we also find ourselves in the wrong shoes when we try to be more like the people around us instead of more like Jesus who is inside of us.

While Jesus was on this earth, He exhibited all that He wanted us to be.  God has not asked us to trust Him without first providing examples of His own Son putting His trust in the Father.  We are not the only ones called to delight ourselves in God, Jesus was too.  And commit.  Oh my goodness . . .  Jesus completed the ultimate act of commitment.  He showed us what it is like to live out the very passage that I am trying to expound upon in this book.  He lived it out so that we could see we would never be alone.  He faced it all to show us that we could make it through anything if our dependence is solely on God.

Are you wearing the right shoes?  Does it feel like you’re in two different shoes when it comes to this walk with God?  Have you let other people determine what your life for God will be like or the decisions you will make for Him?  Step into the right size shoes and feel what it feels like to walk in the pair that were made for you.  Follow God in His design for your life and let His Word guide you.

Dear Father God, I know how it feels to walk in the wrong pair of shoes both physically and spiritually.  Both don’t feel so great.  I pray that my life will align with Your desires God and that I will continue to walk out Your ways.  You are the only One who knows the perfect direction for me.  Guide me according to Your will!

Wearing the Right Shoes,

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