The Sweetest Six Months

Today is my son’s 6 month birthday!  I look back at these 6 months and find tremendous joy in the gift God has given me.  I’m still blown away that God entrusted me with such a sweet blessing.  I look at Zion and watch him grow.  I treasure each moment that I’ve been given with him.  I continue to hear from those around me that this time goes too fast.  But I’m thinking I want it to go just right…  I want to enjoy the moments I’ve been given with Zion.  I want to celebrate every little thing he does, every little grimace he makes, every sound he speaks, every little giggle, all the little movements, each new first, and every smile.

I want to stop and enjoy it all!  This means that sometimes I go to sleep with things still on my list to do.  That list that never seems to run out but gets longer every day.  I’m learning the list will be here tomorrow and what needs to get done will get done.  For now, I stop to play on the floor, laugh with my son, watch him learn to scoot across the floor, take time to see him enjoy his first foods, watch him as he learns to grab things, and take in every smile that lights up his whole face.

I look back at these 6 months and pray that God will always help me remember every sweet blessing I’ve been given through Zion’s little life.  I pray that I will remember the sunsets I’ve watched with him in my arms, the first time his eyes locked with mine, the first time he sneezed, coughed, and burped, when he squeezed my finger for the first time with his little hand, every time he has put his arm around my shoulder and just rested, smiled at me, laughed with me, ate the first food I made for him, how he smiles at his daddy, every new discovery he has made, his morning giddiness when he wakes up, his sweet little cry, and so much more!  Every first has been a celebration in my heart as I look at this little boy and treasure the time I have with him.

Thank you God for teaching me many lessons through my son.  For teaching me how great your love is for me, how unending your grace is and how undeserving I am of it, for teaching me how to stretch my spiritual muscles by watching Zion stretch every muscle he has, for the way Zion feels safe in my arms and knowing I can feel safe in your arms, for every smile that tells me you have equipped me to do this well, for this and so much more!  I thank YOU God!  Thank you for seeing fit to make me a mother!  For giving me a huge heart for my son and for bringing my marriage to a greater depth and unity through Zion’s little life.  Thank you God!  Thank you!

I really can’t say it enough!  I’m so grateful that You have entrusted me with such an amazing gift!  I pray that I will raise Zion to love You, to follow You, to live out Your Word, to be led by the Holy Spirit, and love Jesus with all his heart!   Please continue to equip me to do this ministry of raising my son well!  Please give me the wisdom I need for each new day with him and may I never take for granted this sweet, amazing gift that I’ve been given!

I love you Lord!

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