Easter Invitation Jesus

The Power of Invitation

I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent. (Luke 15:7)

It’s time to go on a search and rescue mission?  Are you ready? 

Easter is right around the corner and we are getting ready to celebrate the resurrection of our King.  I’m thinking the best way to celebrate this is to pray for that one lost sheep or possibly invite that one person to church.  Is there someone in your life who has been waiting for an invitation to church?  Most churches are packed on Easter.  They even offer extra services!  Now is the time to ask that extra friend or family member to church.  Now is the time to go on that search and rescue mission for that one who left the fold.  The one who went wandering off the path. 

Let me tell you about an experience I had a few years ago.  My husband and I met someone in a park.  His name is Sandor.  God had been working in his heart for quite a while by the time we met him.  We invited him to go to church with us.  I’ll never forget the one thing he told me the first time he experienced church with us.  These are his words, “I’ve been invited to church before, but you were the first ones who offered to go with me.  Thank you!”  For Sandor, it made all the difference in the world that we walked through the doors of the church with him.  He didn’t have to enter the church alone.  Sandor’s story is vast and amazing.  God has been changing his life one step at a time.  We are just privileged to be a part of it. 

I have another example of this…  This morning, I stopped by my dentist office and invited the dentist to church.  She responded with a yes and will be joining us Easter morning.  It’s exciting to be apart of God’s grand adventure and be able to invite others along for the ride of a lifetime.  Who in your life needs an invitation for Easter?

Does someone in your life need to experience Jesus this Easter season?  Your words and your actions may be their ticket one step closer to eternity.  Remember this, the shepherd went looking for the lost sheep.  In the next parable we see, a woman goes searching for her lost coin.  And in the final parable we see a Father running towards his lost son.  What do these three things have in common?  They were lost and someone went looking for them.  Will you carry a sheep home this Easter season?  Will you offer a seat to someone in your church this Easter?  And not just any seat, the seat right next to you?

Dear Father God, I pray for those who are lost.  There are so many on my heart!  I know You know them each by name and I pray that You will bring them back to You one by one.  May this Easter find many surrendered at the cross.  I pray that we will be an example of what Your love truly is.  May we represent Your Son well.  Please guide us on our search-and-rescue mission.  May we serve You to the best of our ability and bring someone home for You this Easter!  I can’t wait to see what You will do through us!  

May there be a lot of rejoicing this Easter,

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