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The Christian Life isn’t a Competition

I have fought the good and worthy and noble fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith [firmly guarding the gospel against error]. (2 Timothy 4:7, AMP)

Reflecting back on the Olympics, I see a team spirit and oneness of those who competed. How many times did you see teammates cheering on the sidelines excited that Michael Phelps earned one more medal? Or the gymnasts who cheered each other on? Or the diving athletes David Boudia and Steele Johnson who gave God the glory and shared that their identitiy is in Christ, not an Olympic medal?This all makes me think about how we should constantly be cheering one another on. This Christian life isn’t a competition. It’s not about seeing who can do better than the next guy. It’s about working together towards one common purpose. We are the body of Christ and as we embrace the roles God has entrusted us with we serve the Body better.

As we go into a new week let’s reflect on how we can serve each other better and sharpen one another. Let’s not look out just for our own interest but for the interest of those around us. Let’s cheer loudly for one another! May the voices of our cheers be louder than the world! May we shout as the Body of Christ and run together the race that God has called us to run!

Dear Father God, I pray that this week we will be more concerned about advancing Your Kingdom, than our personal kingdoms. May you receive the glory for anything good that comes out us and may we cheer loudly and boldly for one another. May our unity be so tight that the enemy can’t even find a crack in it. Lord, I pray that we will unite as one and that one day soon we will experience a sweet revival as we focus on You and your purpose. 

Running the Race with You,

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