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Keep it Simple

Do you ever think about all the lessons you can learn in just one day?  How about all the lessons you learn in one week?  That’s what I’m sitting here thinking about right now.  Today I felt like there were at least 5 devotionals I could write off of things that happened throughout the day and that’s about average for me.  I’m constantly looking for ways to learn something new from God.  I desire to grow each and every day.  In fact, I hope at the end of the day I’m just a little bit stronger, a little bit wiser, and a little bit more dependent on my Heavenly Father.  I know I need more of God and less of me.  I pray at the end of each year, there is a whole lot more of God and a whole lot less of me.

This week I learned some interesting things about myself, I was convicted in some areas that needed to change, I saw God’s desire for healing in His people, I watched God work through my interactions with people, and so much more.  Let me take some time to share some of these lessons with you.  Let’s slow down and catch the lessons God has for us in each day!  Let’s keep it simple, God’s not about complicating things!  He can teach us the most amazing lessons in the most simple ways.  He will astound us, if we only let Him! Read more