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Peace in Uncertain Times

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. (John 16:33)

Are you looking for peace in these uncertain times? Do you feel a little lost? A little deflated? A little anxious? Do you wonder what God’s going to do through all of this? If you answered yes, you’re in good company. We are right there with you. Our world has certainly been turned upside down and we prayed through how we could best be there for you through this. We can sit and watch the news, quarantine for days, and just wait until this all passes. Or we can be productive, we can keep our minds fixed on Jesus… the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

We choose to look up. We choose to find peace in uncertain times.

We can’t make things right for you. We can’t tell you what the future holds. We can’t tell you when this will all end or how it will all turn out. But we can walk with you. This is why we are offering our very first online study.  To remind you how much God loves you and what He has for you in the pages of His Word.

Let’s dive deep. Let’s discover His heart in this season. Let’s gain a fresh perspective and appreciate the community around us. Let’s tune in to the Truth and spend time where it really matters.

Join The Priceless Journey for our very own online study

you are priceless study

I encourage you to join us in our first ever online study. We are so excited to share our recently released and updated edition of You are Priceless with you. This study is sure to offer you hope and peace in uncertain times. It will give you a fresh perspective, remind you who you are in Christ, and help you discover your true worth.


You are priceless my dear!

The King of Kings absolutely adores you. He has not lost sight of you. He is there for you through this tough season and longs to embrace you with His loving arms. Come close, tune in, listen for the whisper of a Father who dearly loves His children. There is going to be something specific and special in this study for each one who takes it. I know God will reveal Himself in a fresh way to you and remind you how much He truly cherishes you.

Many have read this book study and benefitted from it. Here are some of the things we have heard…

“I now know that my past is not something that defines me, has to be hidden, or cause me shame. God will and does bring beauty from the ashes. He restored my life and gave me purpose.” ~Bible Study Leader

“For most of my life I felt unworthy, unlovable, and ugly. The mirror reflected what I didn’t want to see, but in the time of reading this book my reflection has been forever transformed. I am worthy. I am lovable. I am beautiful. I am priceless!” ~Mom of 2

“I read this book during a very rough time in my life when I was experiencing suicidal thoughts. The book was a catalyst in the beginning of my journey on getting sober.” ~Priceless Warrior

“This book gave me the courage to reach out for help. It has been my lifeline.” ~Trafficked Victim

“I’ve gone to church my whole life and hid so many things, but this book awakened me and helped me to see that I am priceless.” ~Conference Attendee

Join us for this incredible study. It will take you on a journey that leaves you a little more healed and whole. It will challenge you. And it will reveal some lies that you have believed. Through the process, you will grow and you will discover the Truth of who you are and all that God has put inside of you. Let’s embrace our freedom in Christ together and embark on an adventure to discover our worth in God’s eyes.

We invite you to embrace the journey of freedom with us!

In God’s Grip of Grace,
Sarah Malanowski, author



Founder & President of The Priceless Journey

Introducing our Warrior Zoe Grace

Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. -Psalm 34:5

We are so excited to introduce you to Zoe Grace. Zoe in Greek means life. She is a life that has forever been transformed by the grace of God. She is a warrior who represents every woman who has ever been marginalized, exploited, bullied, and treated like a commodity. She is a woman who has risen from the ashes of her life to declare beauty. She has reclaimed her story. She knows who she is and she fights like it. She doesn’t back down. She doesn’t give in. She doesn’t look back. And she doesn’t apologize for being who God created her to be. She owns it! She knows that every detail in her being is there for a purpose.

She is you. She is me.

Zoe Grace is a warrior showing up to the battlelines.

She says…

I am a trophy of God’s grace. Yes, broken is the new beautiful. I look back and see pieces, but God sees a masterpiece. No longer defined by shame, I am radiant. In fact, for many years of my life, I looked in the mirror, only to see ugly, unlovable, and unworthy. Words of others killed me slowly until I found myself encaged by self-condemnation. I lost my voice under the weight of others expectations until God’s mercy released me into my great awakening. 

I am Zoe Grace, a woman not defined by my past. A woman forever transformed by the love of God. A woman ready to embrace the future and declare I am worthy, significant, and loved! I arise as a warrior engaged for Priceless impact! Today, I embrace my journey of freedom and invite you to do the same. 

The Priceless Journey is now proud to offer a study guide to go with our book You are Priceless. It is a study guide that will truly transform the way you think about yourself and enable you to walk in freedom. It will make you face the lies and teach you to replace them with God’s Truth. It will equip you for battle and remind you who you truly are!

Thank you Zoe for reminding us who we are and helping us embrace the journey of freedom!

Unworthy. Unlovable. Ugly.

These were the words revealed in the mirror of my mind. Words that defined me and suffocated me. Words from my past that choked out my voice. These and many others took up residence in my mind until I chose to go back and uproot them one by one.

I am choosing to see my past as just that, my past. Not a definition of my character or the sum of who I am. Merely a place that advanced me into my destiny. Motivation came through death words as I faced them and embraced the life God promises me in His Word. Daily I made the trade.

Trading in unworthy for worthy. Unlovable for loved. Ugly for beautiful. 

The mirror of my mind now reveals a different story. Rewriting my history to declare I’m blood-bought. I’m worthy. I’m significant. I am Priceless! I’m a trophy of God’s grace, and I refuse to live one more day under the weight of shame and condemnation.

I am free, and I encourage you to embrace your journey of freedom as you make the daily trade. Exchanging and uprooting every lie planted in your mind so that you can make way for the truth of who you are.

You are priceless, my dear!

God sees you. He knows you.

And He loves you with an everlasting love! Nothing can separate you from His love. I invite you to join me in an exquisite discovery to unveil the true masterpiece you are.

Buy our study guide today and go on a self-discovery that you will never forget. Your freedom story is just a page away!

Win a Free Priceless Book

You are priceless book contest We are excited to announce that we will be hosting some giveaways of our new book You Are Priceless. Please follow us on Instagram (@pricelessjourney) or Facebook (@thepricelessjourneyinc) to keep up to date on these contests. We are going to have fun giving away books, lipsticks, t-shirts, pendants, and more. You will not want to miss this!

We will be running contests up to our book release on May 16th. We promise that this book will not disappoint. It’s a book filled with 30 testimonies from women like you and I. Women who have been through the darkest valleys and somehow come through on the other side. Life is filled with some ugly trials but in this book we learn how to look back with eyes that embrace the message of the cross. Eyes that see redemption! We have found beauty in the ashes and it’s our hope that you will too!

May no woman be left behind! May the masks come off as we embrace our true identity in Christ and become all that He has called us to be. You and I were made for so much more! May we live with purpose and eyes fixed on God’s beautiful plan for our lives!


The Priceless Journey

But without faith it is impossible to [walk with God and] please Him, for whoever comes near to God must [necessarily believe that God exists and that He rewards those who [earnestly and diligently] seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6, AMPC)

When I say it’s been a journey, I mean it! Wow! Two years ago, God put it on my heart to custom design a book for the sex traffic industry. I remember thinking, really? Me? I don’t know much about this. I’ve never been in the clubs. I have such a limited scope on this subject. Yet, God wanted to use me. Isn’t that how it works? Read more