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No Limits

God is infinite!  That’s the hardest thought I will ask you to grasp.  You cannot understand what infinite means, but don’t let it bother you–I don’t understand it and I’m trying to explain it!  “Infinite” means so much that nobody can grasp it, but reason nevertheless kneels and acknowledges that God is infinite.  We mean by infinite that God knows no limits, no bounds and no end.  What God is, He is without boundaries.  All that God is, He is without bounds or limits.  (A.W. Tozer from “The Attributes of God”)

I’m reading this book on the Attributes of God.  It’s my third time going through it and I absolutely love it.  This time I’m studying it for the next book I will be writing and I thought I would take the time to share some thoughts I have along the way.  It’s an incredible book and it will truly leave you in awe, if you choose to read it.

God’s Infinitude

What a thought?  It’s one that I can’t grasp.  There is no beginning and no end to who He is in our lives.  It is what is!  In fact, I think it gives peace to all those unanswered questions in life.  The ones that are left in my brain rattling around, waiting for the moment to just sit with God and ask Him one by one.

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