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Super Bowl Moments

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21

I’m sure many of you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday.  The truth is many of us watch it for different reasons.  I watched it with some friends.  Friends who happen to enjoy the commercials and the game.  The Super Bowl to me is all about enjoying the camaraderie of those your with.  It’s an opportunity to just kick back and share time with friends.  Yes, the commercials were funny.  The half time show was very bright and lively.  I enjoyed the fact that it was more of a show this year, than just a singer.  But the one thing I enjoyed the most….  Drum roll please!   Can anyone guess?

Well, I’ll give you a hint!  It happened in the second quarter.  It was the moment that Greg Jennings went in for the pass and scored a touchdown.  The simple act of scoring didn’t move me, it was how he responded to the score.  There in the end zone, he was accepting the congratulations of his teammates when all of a sudden Greg remembered something.   He paused, kneeled, and bowed his head.  He did this all right there in the end zone.  It was a beautiful moment!  It was a moment I will never forget.  I can guarantee you by this time next year, I will have forgotten who was in the half-time show.  I will have forgotten what the commercials were about.  I will have forgotten what the score of the game was.  And in 5 to ten years I’ll have forgotten what teams played this year.  You probably won’t even have to give it that long.

But one thing I will not forget is what Greg Jennings did the moment he scored a touchdown.  I will not forget that he took a knee.  You see his life was not all about winning the big game.  He was not wrapped up in the Super Bowl ring, the MVP award, the Vince Lombardi trophy, the potential commercials, money, or fame.  He had his eyes on the only prize that matters.  The prize of eternity.  He didn’t take his eyes off the true goal line.  What an impressive move!  He and many other players continued to give God glory for this game.  They thanked God for what they had been given.  They realized this game was just that, a game.  It’s a day in history that will be forgotten, but God He will always be on the throne.  Eternity is something that will always be valuable.  They made a tremendous choice on Super Bowl Sunday as they pointed people to Jesus.  Their treasure is not here on earth, they are saving it up in Heaven.

The Super Bowl was full of moments where you could see the treasure was not being stored up here on earth.  The men who had it right were those who kept pointing us back to God.  The ones who kept saying there thank you’s to Him.  They understood what this day was all about.  This was not a day to win a trophy, it was a day to glorify God.  That is huge!  Will we glorify God in the games of our lives?  Imagine, if you get called in for a big game.  What will your reaction be?  How will you respond when you make the play of the day?  Will people see Jesus through you?

Now, please take the time to go read this section of Scripture in Matthew.  Examine it and see how God wants to help you get a better outlook on the treasure in your life.  What treasures are you storing up?  Are you eternally minded?  Have you been storing up earthly treasures?  Or are you storing up eternal treasures?  Only you can answer that question!

Challenge: Read Matthew 6:19-24

Memory Verse: Romans 5:5-8, How are your memory verses coming along?  How is God using them in your life?  I would love to hear about it!

Dear Father God, I want to go out for the Big Game on Your field.  I pray that You will help me set my mind on collecting eternal treasures.  Help me to glorify You through all that I do and all that I say.  May my life not be a fleeting moment, but may my moments count for eternity!  I’m excited to store up the treasures that count in this life!

A Treasured Life in Christ,

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