Jesus Humility Servant You Are Priceless

Seeking the Heart of a Servant

If you humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, in his good time he will lift you up. (1 Peter 5:6, TLB)

A servant waits
A servant serves
A servant asks for direction
Seeks the Master’s purpose
Looks to fulfill His plan
Desires to advance His purpose
Humbles himself
Lifts the Master up
Chooses peace
Chooses love
Chooses honor
A servant waits
A servant serves
A servant seeks
I want to have a servants heart
I want to wait on You more than I wait on anything
I want to serve You with all of my heart
I want to seek You with all my soul
And depend on You to be my strength
I want to hear well done thy good and faithful servant
But a servant doesn’t advance his own purpose
Doesn’t live to make himself known
Doesn’t look to make himself better
A servant seeks his Master
A servant bows humbly
A servant says not my will but Yours be done
I am but a servant
Here to be used by You God
Here to serve You
Here to love You
Here to wait on You
Life gets crazy
Days pass quickly
Hours seem like minutes
Minutes like seconds
My time flashes quickly before my eyes
And I learn the busyier life gets
The more I need to depend on You
The more I need to stop and wait
The more I need to seek You
The more I need to humble myself
The more I need to glean from Your wisdom
Oh Lord, not my will
But Your will be done
Have all of me
Please advance Your kingdom through me
May I be a tool in Your toolshed
A pen in Your fingertips
A pot of clay shaped by Your hands
I want to serve You
I want to wait on You
I need these moments
These times of just You and me
I will bow down
I will serve You
I will honor You with my life
I’m all Yours
Today and always
Given to Your purpose alone
Lord, please use me!
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