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Pure Joy

Consider it nothing but joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you fall into various trials. (James 1:2, AMP)

Today at church the Pastor preached on James 1:1-8.  The sermon was excellent and reminded me that through all circumstances I can consider it pure joy because God will refine my faith.  I can tell you my faith has been tested and tried many times.  I’ve often looked for my break in difficult times, but my break doesn’t come in the form that I’m looking for.  God has great plans for our lives and we need to be paying attention, so we don’t miss a thing.

“Consider it pure joy…”

Start with complete joy.  Never let the fact that you are going through something keep you from being joyful.  You have been given a great gift.  Jesus came to live, die, and be resurrected for you.  Find joy in the life you have been given and live it well!

“…whenever you face trials of many kinds…”

This part of the passage let’s us know that we will certainly face trials and they will be in many forms.  Your trials might be in your finances, your health, with your family, in your job, with your friends, in your marriage, or an area no one knows about.  You can be sure that God knows your trial.  He has not left you alone to face it by yourself.  He will see you through and when you come through your faith will be so much stronger.

“…the testing of your faith develops perseverance…”

Our faith can be tested by many things at different times in our lives, but if we put our trust in God perseverance will develop.  We don’t have to understand what God is doing to trust Him.  We simply need to walk by faith, knowing that God will continue to develop our character.

“Perseverance must finish it’s work…”

God always wants to finish what He starts.  Sure it’s difficult to walk through a trial, but the characteristic of perseverance has it’s own reward in our lives.  We need to walk with assurance that God will be faithful through our trials.  It takes great perseverance to run a marathon, to be an olympian, to be an athlete, and many other things in life.  We can only expect the same, if not more in the Christian life.  God deserves our very best!

“…so that you may be mature and complete…”

I don’t know about you, but I desire to be mature and complete in the Lord.  In that desire, I must acknowledge that I cannot get there until I face my trials with joy.  I am made complete through the perseverance I receive when my faith is tested.  I’m so glad God knows me and knows what will make me the best I can be.  I may not like the trials I face, but I’ll always appreciate the character it produces inside of me.

“…not lacking anything.”

NOTHING!  God doesn’t want us to lack anything!  We may think at times that our trials take away from all that we can be, but in actuality every trial creates an opportunity for us to become a little more like the One who created us.

Dear Father God, Thank You for reminding me that I can consider it pure joy every time I face a trial of any kind.  You will be faithful to bring me through and through these trials my faith will grow.  May You continue to teach me to lean on You.  I pray I grow in understanding of Your Word and always remember that I lack nothing in You Lord!

Loving My Opportunities for Growth,

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