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Only a Moment

For only a moment…

They would try to stay at the inn

Soon they would find no room for Him

The manger would be the place of birth

The beginning of peace on earth

For only a moment…

A star stood still in the sky

While the wise men’s journey came nigh

They went to worship the newborn King

For this the angels did sing

For only a moment…

The baby grew to a young boy

His Father’s business to deploy

Some would call Him just a carpenter’s Son

Others would know Him as the Holy One

For only a moment…

He set out to change history

He would become the eternal key

Miracles, healings, and stories are told

Every mystery of the Savior to unfold

For only a moment…

His feet graced the earth

He showed the measure of all life’s worth

He took on every single pain

So I can live a life that’s not in vain

In only a moment…

He took the steps to Calvary

He was nailed to that bitter tree

He said, “It is finished.”

For you and for me

In only a moment…

The earth gave a violent shake

Out from the grave, Jesus made His break

All those who proclaim He is Lord

One day find Heaven their great reward!

In only a moment…

An epic event took place

Life was changed by God’s grace

Not by works, so I may not boast

The gift of God my Heavenly Host

In only a moment…

The Christmas season will pass

Will you remember the moments that last?

Is your life more than a moment to bring?

Will this be a year for your King?

© 2010 God is Always Faithful! (S. B. Malanowski)

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