One Faith Step at a Time

What is faith? It is the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen. It is the certainty that what we hope for is waiting for us, even though we cannot see it up ahead. (Hebrews 11:1, TLB)

This could be my theme verse for The Priceless Journey. I often say to people that God has only given me enough light to take the very next step. He hasn’t revealed too much in the future. It’s been one faith step at a time and as I take that step in complete obedience, slowly He reveals the next step. It’s been His perfect timing and for that I’m grateful. But in my flesh I would love to see the rest of this journey more clearly.

Isn’t that the trick? God calls us to obedience in what He sees for our lives, not what we can see. I wouldn’t go very far in life if I went only where I could see. I have a limited scope while living out my life on earth. Only God has the perfect perspective. His seat allows Him to see the full picture.

So even though I’m daily baffled by the fact that God would choose me for this, I will continue to walk it out step by step. I will move forward one step at a time, not because I understand what’s happening but because I trust the One who sees it all. He is orchestrating details that would completely blow my mind if I were to see them. So I’ll be content, I’ll stay right here until God reveals the next step.

Right now, the next step in the journey is to create a Spanish version of the book. Imagine being isolated in the world of sex trafficking. Feeling alone and like no one can completely relate with you. Feeling unworthy of love, insignificant, and often afraid. But then imagine adding to that a language barrier. A barrier that makes it next to impossible for you to reach out for help. A barrier that keeps you isolated and alone. Our hope is to break through this barrier with the message that God has given us in the You Are Priceless book.

It is our hope to provide this book to women across the Tampa Bay area who only speak Spanish. Would you consider getting on board with us to provide this book to them? Will you consider becoming part of The Priceless Journey as we embrace the next step of this adventure? Your donation can help offset the cost of these books, so that we are able to get them into the hands of our ministries for a low cost, to enable and equip them to reach the Spanish community.

Will you join us in the journey? Learn more about what God is doing through this book, get a sneak peak at the book, and sign up for future updates by clicking on the button below.

Please pray for all of us when we come to mind. Please pray for protection over our families, guidance with future endeavors, and strength for the task at hand! Thank you for partnering with us in prayer!

Dear Father God, the Priceless Journey is all Yours. I’m willing to take each step in faith knowing that You are the One leading me. Please give me the strength to do this well and the ability to clearly see which step You would have me take next!

You Are Priceless,

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