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Never Regretted

I love this reminder in James 1:5.  I lack wisdom in quite a few areas.  Thankfully, God’s Word provides every bit of wisdom I could ever need.  Lately, I’m learning how invaluable my time is in the Word. Being a mom of two little boys makes it tough some days to get in as much time as I would like to. I find that I have to get up early before the sun is even rising to get in a good amount of time with the Lord.

I used to be a night person and not too good at getting up in the morning.  I had to train myself to be a morning person and to seek the Lord before I seek anything else in my day.  I’m thankful to say that by the grace of God and his continual nudging every morning, I’m able to get out of bed.

I have found that I’ve never regretted getting out of bed to spend time with the Lord in prayer and in the Word.  But I have regretted staying in bed.  Those 10, 15, or 20 minutes are better spent in the Lord’s presence.  I find that He restores that time back to me and gives me the energy I need throughout the rest of the day if I simply get up early and seek Him.  It’s not easy.  I fight my flesh every day.  It’s ugly at times!

But every day I spend in the Word and every morning I rise early to meet with the Lord is a day I’m better equipped for what’s to come.  I have several areas in life right now that I’m seeking God on.  And asking for wisdom in each situation.  This wisdom can only come from time well spent in the Word.  My life needs to revolve around God, not God around my life.  I need to put Him first in my day, so that throughout my day I can draw from the endless strength He provides as the center of my life.

How can you get more time in with the Lord this week?  What do you need to do to get even 5 more minutes in with him?  Please let me know how this makes a difference in your day.  I would love to hear all about it.

Dear Father God, I pray that my mornings with you with only get sweeter and sweeter.  I pray that I will never give in to my flesh in the morning.  May I find the strength to daily get myself out of bed early so I can spend time with you.  I pray that in that time you will equip me to better handle the events of my day.  Thank you Lord!

I’ve Never Regretted Getting out of Bed to meet with you Lord,

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