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My Newest Book is Now Available

I am so excited to share the first book in my new series with you.  I have a contract for 12 books, all part of a collection of books called “Victorious Living Collection”.  This is the first one in the series.  Each book will be a 30 day devotional on one subject.  The first subject is joy!

God’s timing in these books has been absolutely perfect as I continue to walk through the storm of my Dad’s accident.   It has truly amazed me how God has given me the words for each of these books.  The Joyful Living book was in it’s finishing touches and about to be sent to production when my dad’s accident happened.  The pictures in this book were hand drawn by my dad.  The other books will not have his artwork in them until he is able to regain his ability to draw again.  So this book is extra special because it celebrates the talent that God has given to both my dad and I.

Even through the most difficult of times we can find joy if we keep our eyes on Jesus.  Joy is not dependent on how we feel or what we go through.  Joy is completely dependent on God!  God continues to sit on the throne and direct the traffic of our lives.  Sometimes the traffic patterns seem kind of messy but we can believe and trust that God totally has a perfect plan for our lives.  He will work good through everything we go through and in that we can find joy.

We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.  (Romans 8:28, AMP)

My number one thought through this whole book was, “Satan can’t steal my joy unless I let him and I’m not going down without a fight.”  God is the keeper of my joy, the sustainer if my heart, the lifter of my soul, my refuge from the storm, and the one who continues to bring good through everything I face.  I serve a mighty God.  A God who does no wrong!  A God who never takes a break!  I serve a faithful God and I will continue to serve Him as long as I still have breath in my lungs.

Thank You God for every difficult thing I have faced in this last year as it has only served to strengthen my faith muscles and give me a greater dependence on Your Word.  I praise You for You are always worthy of my praise!  I’m thankful for many things today but most of all I continue to be thankful for Your great faithfulness in my life!

Loving You Forever Lord,

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