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Moments of Tranquility

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken. (Psalm 62:5-6)

Today I found myself in that familiar place of solitude.  A place of quietness.  A place where it was just God and me.  A moment in time where I was with my Father and nothing else mattered.  A moment where I found rest!  Oh, how my soul longs for those moments alone with God!  I love my husband dearly and I need my time alone with him too, but there are times I need to just get away with God.  I’m not talking about my devotional time.  I need that every day.  I’m talking about those moments in time where peace reigns in my soul and the very existence of time ceases to matter.  Have you had a moment with God like that lately?

I can remember as a kid when my parents had there special places they would get alone with God, away from us their adoring five children.  Of course we were perfect angels, but still they needed their times away!  Okay, maybe we were not perfect, but we were their angels!  My mom would have her time in the bathtub, soaking in her bubbles and reading.  She loved her time of quietness and we knew better than to knock on the door while she was spending her time alone in that bathroom.  She had every right to get away from the day of chores, children, and many endless tasks.  Then Dad, he had his times out on the lake in his boat.  He would go fishing.  He loved his time in nature.  He spent hours on the lake with the Lord.  Both my parents to this day still find time to go to their special spots to have their secret moments with the Lord.

I was thinking about that today, as I sat out on our patio.  It is my special spot.  My place to sit in my comfortable chair and relax to the sounds of nature.  I sit quietly before the Lord and listen to Him speak.  It’s where my heart gets stirred with new ideas and is awakened to the brilliant things that God is doing in my life.  In fact, my husband often knows when I’m spending time with the Lord and he will leave me to myself.  He knows this is my special place, my hiding place, my refuge from the storms; this is where I find moments of tranquility in a life filled with many irons in the fire.

In fact, I look back on life and I see so many places I have had along the way to get away with God.  I have had special rocks, mountain tops, window sills, rocking chairs, river beds, lake sides, parks, etc.  God has always helped me find a spot to run away with Him and find perfect peace in Him.  This is exactly what David had in the Psalms.  He had his place to get away from the wars he fought, the treasures he stored up, and the women he had in his life.  He had a place to go with God.  His words help us find rest in the wars we face, if we choose to find a place to get away with God!  Will you choose to take a moment to run away with God and just be with Him?  Here are David’s words:

“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.”  (Psalm 62:5)

David knew that true rest for his soul came from only one place.  That place was in God alone.  God is your hope for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  He will be there in the ruckus of the storms, to quiet the raging seas.  Will you be there to listen to His heart for you?  Will you hear Him when He speaks?

“He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.”  (Psalm 62:6)

David claimed three things about God in this verse.  God was David’s rock, his salvation, and his fortress.  Because of these three things, David knew his life would not be shaken.  There was nothing his enemy could do to shake him because God was His everything.  Is God your everything today?  Are you holding anything back from Him?  Will you surrender it over and let Him be your ROCK, your SALVATION, and your FORTRESS (refuge)?

Here is a beautiful poem about the quiet place I challenge you to find:

A Quiet Place

by Christian Today
Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2004

There is a place where I need to be
A quiet place where I’m alone with Thee
Where I tell You my trouble, my worry, my fear
Where I hear Your voice say “I am here”

A quiet place that only You and I know
Where You can tell me things to help me grow
Where You encourage me to seek Your face
Where You empower me to run the race

I love this quiet place where You take my hand
Where You speak to me of the things You’ve planned
Where You satisfy my thirst with Living Water
Where You cause me to know I’m truly Your daughter (son)

Lord, Cause my soul to hunger for this quiet place
Where I can daily feel Your embrace
Where Your word reaches to the depths of my heart
And only in this quiet place with You will my day start

Before your today turns into tomorrow, please place time on your calendar for God.  Find time to run away with Him and just be still.  Enjoy the moments of tranquility, the moments of peace, and the moments He will speak!  Find a place where you can be alone with the Father and enjoy Him like I do on my patio, like my mom with her bubbles, and my dad does on the lake.  Everyone can have there own special spot with the Lord!  You have the green light for just you and God time!  Ready, set, GO!

Dear Father God, Thank you so much for the moments when I can just get away with You!  I treasure all my times with You and love each moment when I can just get away into Your presence.  Thank You for the peace that You offer and the love that I feel in You.  I’m blessed to know my life does not have to be a roller coaster ride when You are operating the machine!

Loving the Moments of Tranquility with You,

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