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See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands… (Isaiah 49:16)

A few months ago, I pulled into a gas station to get some gas. My tank was showing me that I was in desperate need of it. Normally, I don’t allow it to get that low, but this time I had been running around for different appointments and it just slipped my mind.

Well, there I am at the pump. I swipe my card as usual, but I’m denied. No, I wasn’t denied because of my card. I was denied because I was at a Sam’s Club Gas station. I was not a member and I did not have a member’s card. I felt pretty silly. I needed to get back in my vehicle and drive away.

Wow, not a member! There are so many things on this earth that I’m not a member of. It was pretty thought provoking. I will be excluded from many things here on earth because of that good ole member status. That’s not a bad thing sometimes because some things I don’t want to be a member of.

I just started thinking about how membership here on earth can be taken away from you, but my membership in Heaven has been bought and sealed with Christ blood. I signed up for eternity and no one can tell me I need a card to get in. No one can tell me I don’t belong for any amount of reasons. I am my Father’s and He is mine.

In fact, God has written me on the palm of His hand. How beautiful is that?

“See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands…” (Isaiah 49:16)

Wow, it’s even better than a pen signature. We have been engraved on the palm of God’s hand. Nothing can remove the place God has made for me. I’m a member of eternity. The club that will not reject me, not throw me out, not ask for dues, not take my name off the list, and certainly not ask for identification to get in. God knows me by name, He knows every hair on my head, and His Son will be there to welcome me in with open arms.

Dear Father God, Thank You for paying my member dues to get into Heaven.  My debt was paid through the blood of Your Son and through Your grace I will live in eternity with You.  I look forward to eternity with You my King!

Member of the Only Club that Matters,

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