Kim, Our Advocate Against Human Trafficking

kim s priceless journey

Kim’s  story has been rewritten with much triumph and victory by the redeeming power and love of Jesus Christ.  She suffered and endured a traumatic childhood  experiencing sexual, mental, emotional, verbal, and physical abuse as well as being in  and out of  foster care  growing up.  As a teenager,  she became a runaway, and as a result, was placed in several residential facilities  until she aged out of the system and entered into  homelessness.

It was then that she met her first “Romeo” pimp who groomed her for three weeks before he started trafficking her  for sex.   This would lead to nearly six brutal and unimaginable years of being sexually abused, exploited, and trafficked.

By the grace of God she escaped this horrific life and reclaimed her story.

She is now proud to be advocate against Human Trafficking for The Priceless Journey. For her it’s not enough to change the ending of her story, she wants to fight for other women who have yet to know their value and worth in Jesus Christ. She wants to run back into the fire and pull more women to the safety of God’s love.

She has embraced her journey of freedom and uses her story to invite women everywhere to discover their freedom in Christ alone!