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Hit a Home Run

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

To say that today has been interesting would be an under statement.  I realized that posting a devotional about Jesus Christ being the only way to Heaven would present an open door for people to offer feedback or disagree.  I have had one very interesting conversation take place with a man who is practicing Buddhism.  He feels that Christians are very closed minded and the devotional didn’t sit well with him.  He left a comment for me to find this morning.  This has reminded me of the verse above.

I have known that every devotional I prepare needs to be backed up by the life I live and the Truth found in the Word of God.  In the same way, I pray that when you read these devotionals God will challenge you to step up to the plate.  Hit a home run for God.  Don’t be satisfied with sitting in the dugout!  Don’t be okay with walking to first base!  Don’t even be okay with a first base hit!  God wants more, He wants us to live our lives approved by Him.  How do we present ourselves to God as approved?  Well, let’s start with the basics.

“…a workman who does not need to be ashamed…”

Is there anything you are ashamed of?  Is there anything you need to offer to God?  This comes first!

We need to daily give ourselves to God.  Keep the list short of those you need to forgive and those who need to forgive you.  Try your best not to live in the past with thoughts of things that could have or should have been better.  Realize that God is here today and wants to work in You now!  Let go of yesterday, so you can start living out today!  From the time you wake up in the morning, until the moment you lay your head on your pillow at night continue to stay in communication with the Lord.  Let your thoughts be His thoughts, your actions mimic His actions, and your love come from His overflowing love!

For instance, a while ago when I chose an email address I came up with God iz Faithful as the name.  I did this on purpose.  I wanted it to be a constant reminder to everyone I gave it to that God is faithful.  The “s” was taken, so I had to settle for the “z”.  Well, time and time again this email has been the conversation starter for God to come in and show His faithfulness once again.  Today I was able to witness this twice.  I had to give my email address at two different places.  The first one I gave to a lady and she said, “I like that, I like that a lot.”  She said she really needed to hear that.  I asked what had been going on in her life and she started to share her story.  I was able to encourage her and share with her the devotional site.  She said, “you are like an angel for me today.”

In every moment, we have an opportunity to be a witness for God.  Even a small thing like an email can be a witness to someone whose day has gone awry.  Yes, today started with someone whose road is leading in a different direction than my own, but I’m enjoying the opportunity to shine my light for Jesus to him.  It’s an extreme opportunity and at the opposite end of the spectrum are those moments that go unnoticed at times.  Each moment is important to God.  Each moment we need to be prepared for and the only way to be prepared is to constantly be in the Word.

You can only share the Truth of who God is by being in the Word.  When it is all said and done, people want to know the testimony of who God has been to you.  They want to hear what He has done in your life.   They want to feel what it’s been like to live with God as Lord over your life.  They want to get the answers to how, why, when, and where.  They want to touch, see, hear, and experience God like you have.  They don’t want you to lead them to information on the internet, they can do that on their own.  They want the Truth.  They want what you have.  Are you willing to share?  I know that when I talk to someone else about what they believe, I want to know their experience, not the information.  I can find that anywhere.  I want to have a relationship, like Jesus had with people while He was on earth.  Let’s experience God’s faithfulness with people and help them know who God is through the testimony of our lives.

May the Truth of God’s Word be found in the moments we breathe and live for!  The moments that escape with the ticking of time.  The Truth is the only thing that will escape the sand slipping through the hourglass of time!

Dear Father God, I pray that You will teach me how to be an approved worker in the field of writing.  I pray every day that I will live according to Your Word.  May my life follow the Truth I find in Your Word and may I never stray from what I have found in You.

Following Your Truth,

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