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Glean Wisdom

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. (1 Timothy 4:12)

Can you relate to this passage of Scripture?  Have you ever had someone look down on you for any reason?  Maybe you can identify with Timothy.  I know that I have looked at this passage many times in my life and have gathered wisdom each time. Let’s glean (gather) the wisdom from this passage of Scripture.

Glean Wisdom

1.  Paul wrote directly to Timothy.  He did not address the people who considered Timothy to be young.  He went to Timothy and helped Timothy understand that strong character cannot be destroyed by other’s interpretation.  No one can destroy who you are by what they think of you.  Your character is determined by who you are in God and the dependence you place on God.  Who are you depending on for the development of your character?

2.  The next thing that Paul writes to Timothy is to “set an example for the believers.” Paul writes this to Timothy because Timothy is a leader.  Timothy is ministering to new believers and needs to have a strong example for them to follow.  It does not matter if you carry a title or role in a leadership position.  You are a leader in Christ when you claim to follow Him.  People are watching the moves you make and hearing the words you speak.  How will you lead them to Jesus?  Here are some ways to set a good example for those who may be watching you!

3.  “In speech…” The first thing Paul shares with Timothy is to set an example in speech.  Our words can heal or hurt people.  They can truly be disastrous, if we are not careful.  Lies, malicious talk, deceit, exaggerations, negative comments, hateful speech… anything that comes out of our mouths that isn’t uplifting will probably destroy someone in some way.  What doesn’t help will most likely hurt and doesn’t need to be said.  We need to show wisdom and control our tongues in every possible way.  Read James 3:3-8 to learn more about this.  What will your words say about the life you are living for God?

4.  “In life…” The second thing Paul shares with Timothy is to set an example in life.  Our actions speak very loudly of who God is inside of us.  Yes, our words are important, but if our actions speak in opposition of this…our testimony is lost.  Is your lifestyle backing up the words you speak?  Are you living out the Truth you read in God’s Word?

5.  “In love…” The third thing Paul shares with Timothy is to set an example in love.  Words and actions are empty if they are not backed up by love.  God is concerned about the condition of your heart.  What is your motive behind the words you are saying and the actions you are performing?  Have you forgiven the person you need to forgive?  The love Paul talks about in this passage is God’s kind of love.  Are you showing God’s kind of love through the life you live daily?

6.  “In faith…” The fouth thing Paul shares with Timothy is to set an example in faith.  It takes faith to walk out our lives for Christ daily.  I know I cannot see what’s ahead in the next year, let alone what’s around the next corner in life.  I consistently have to go back to God and trust that He knows what He is doing in my life.  I walk by faith, not by sight.  It’s a choice, a decision I make daily because God’s Word shows me He will be faithful.

7.  “In purity…” The fifth thing Paul shares with Timothy is to set an example in purity.  God wants us to live pure lives for Him.  He wants us to be people of integrity.  I know that my life will not be perfect and there will be times that I will fail.  God is not expecting perfection.  What God desires from me is a transparent heart, someone who takes responsibility for the sin I have committed.  God wants me to own up to the times I wrong others and the times I wrong Him.  I’ll never be perfect, but I do pray I can be woman of integrity for God.  Will you live a life of integrity for the Lord?

Dear Father God, I pray my life will will be transformed by the work of Your hands.  Please mold me in Your likeness and stir in me the things of You.  I pray my words will be kind, my life will be righteous, my love will be strong, my faith will be unrelenting, and my integrity will be long lasting.

Gleaning Wisdom from God’s Word,

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