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Fountain of Youth

Understanding is a fountain of life to those who have it, but folly brings punishment to fools. (Proverbs 16:22)


Oh, how I seek more understanding each day that I live.  And each day presents a new obstacle.  Today my husband and I were going to spend the evening at the beach, walk it, and watch the sunset.  Well, thanks to GPS on our phones we ended up in a small town closer to home.  Our purpose was to find a place for dinner, but the two places we went to must have been shut down.  We could have kicked and screamed about how life just wasn’t going our way, but I believe I wrote a devotional about life being half full yesterday.   So there we were in this small town where soon we found out a few of the stores were closed down and there were few options for dinner.

Then, I looked straight ahead and said, “let’s go there to that Resort and Spa.”  We were pleasantly surprised!  We were able to sit outside near the fountain and were in time for the early bird special.  Our waiter was exceptional and we had a great conversation with him.  We were able to find out that the Resort we were at had a lot of history to it.  It is called, “Safety Harbor Resort & Spa.”  We found out that many celebrities actually come there to stay because of the natural spring that is there.  The waiter has served some very well known people.  He shared some of those names with us, but I will keep their identities anonymous.  This led my husband and I to wander why so many people would come to the Resort, especially in the small town.

We went inside the hotel and read some of the history on this Resort.  We came to find out that this natural spring has been known for it’s mystical and healing powers.  This would certainly be a reason for people to come visit.  Many people seek healing from the pain in their souls, they seek understanding for events in life, and some are still searching for the fountain of youth.

Fountain of Life

The Bible clearly states that understanding is a fountain of life.  I’m sorry to tell you that there is no fountain of youth, but in God there is a fountain of life that flows endlessly for you.  In fact, I have written a little more about it in my book, “His Hope for Your Destiny.”  Here is an excerpt from it regarding Proverbs 16:22:

“The Life Application Bible on this verse says,

For centuries people sought a fountain of youth, a spring that promised to give eternal life and vitality.  It was never found.  But God’s wisdom is a fountain of life that can make a person happy, healthy, and alive forever.  How?  When we live by God’s Word (see Titus 3:4-8), he washes away the deadly effects of sin, and the hope of eternal life with him gives us a joyful perspective on our present life.  The fountain of youth was only a dream, but the fountain of life is reality.  The choice is yours.  You can be enlightened by God’s wisdom, or you can be dragged down by the weight of your own foolishness. (Note from Proverbs 16:22)

The fountain of youth ended up being a myth that many still talk about today, but God’s fountain of life is no myth.  His fountain flows endlessly, and the wisdom that He can pour into each one of us is worth more than the fountain of youth ever could have been.  God’s wisdom poured into mankind is a wonderful and marvelous thing.  May you come to appreciate the amount of wisdom and understanding that God has already poured into you.”

God’s fountain of life will last forever.  Those who have accepted His Son can continue to soak in the flowing waters of this fountain.  Each day God will bring new living water in our lives as we bathe in the Truth found in His Word.

Folly brings punishment to fools.

Punishment and fools; this is really all I need to say about this end of the scripture passage.  Please do not let your life be a series of unanswered questions.  Seek wise counsel, develop a heart after God, and search for wisdom in God’s Word daily.  May you continue to grow in God and never fall into the folly that could so easily ensnare you.  Stand watch, beware of Satan’s tactics, his puny ways to get you off track…That’s right I said puny!  God is bigger than Satan and you need to live like you know that every day!  The next time Satan tries to keep you down and out, squash him like a bug under your feet.  Don’t let him hinder you from understanding God in His infinite love and boundless grace!  God wants to embrace you and show you marvelous things at His fountain of LIFE!

Dear Father God, I pray that You will use me as a beacon of light to those who are searching for the fountain of youth.  The water that heals people from their wounds.  May I reach out with Your love and help people know who You are, so they may be changed by the love that can only be found in You. May I help people find the only Fountain of Life that exists in You where the Living Water flows freely!

Living in the Fountain of Life,

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