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Fortress of Faith

Fortress of Faith

by Helen Steiner Rice


It’s easy to say “In God we trust”

when life is radiant and fair,

But the test of faith is only found

when there are burdens to bear.

For our claim to faith in the

sunshine is really no faith at all,

For when roads are smooth and days

are bright our need for God is so small.

And no one discovers the fullness

or the greatness of God’s love

Unless they have walked in the

darkness with only a light from above.

For the faith to endure whatever comes

is born of sorrow and trials

And strengthened only by discipline

and nurtured by self-denials.

So be not disheartened by troubles,

for trials are the building blocks

On which to erect a fortress of faith,

secure on God’s ageless rocks.


“Faith brings us on highways that make our reasoning dizzy.”

~Corrie Ten Boom

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