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Finding True North

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this… (Psalm 37:5)

Let’s take a look at chapter 12 today called, “Finding True North”…

…We have explored the need to trust God with everything then we went into how to simply dwell in the land. The road didn’t end there though. We continued to follow it through the steps of delighting ourselves in God and finding out what His desires are for our lives. Now we are coming to an overpass. At least this is how I look at it. I look at commitment as an overpass because it can be an uphill battle at times, but it’s in rising above our circumstances that we become strong enough to travel the road of life…

…Commit is such a powerful word. People commit themselves to all kinds of things without knowing the implications of their commitment. We commit ourselves to friendships, to relationships, to children, to our jobs, to our families, to our ministries, etc. We commit ourselves to so many areas. Sometimes we become drained because every area decides to draw from us at the same time.

So if we know that we commit ourselves to too many things, why do we continue to do so? Often we do this because we long for assurance that we are doing the right thing. I know I certainly do. I long to know that I am fulfilling a great plan for God. That I am on my way to seeing my destiny come about. But in the midst of over committing myself, I lose sight on the one person to Whom I’m supposed to be completely committed. The only One who deserves my complete commitment is God. He’s the only One who will follow through on His end of the bargain. He will never lose track.

Then there are other times when people think that they can trust and delight in God, but nothing else needs to be done. Or maybe they do get to the commitment part but don’t know how to completely follow through on it. Waylon B. Moore once said, “Many of you have put a period mark by your commitment. You need to erase that period and let God lead you further now!” Let’s erase the period and find out what God wants to do next in our commitment to Him. It’s going to be an adventure. Trust me. God never does anything without a little adventure involved. Feel free to take out your eraser. Erase the end, and let’s start again. Let’s get to the rest of the story.

First, look at commitment as a compass. A compass guides your way to wherever you need to go. It is not the end result, but it is a means by which to get to the end result. I’ve looked at Psalm 37:3-6 as my compass throughout life because no matter where I am in life it has led me to the next part of my journey…

What passage of Scripture guides you? Have you allowed God’s Word to be your compass? Are you committed to God and His ways? Whose direction are you going in God’s or your own? Only you can answer these questions honestly and only you can choose to be fully committed to God!

Dear Father God, I’m so grateful that You have shown me what true commitment means. Your Word daily proves to me that You will never fail me. I can be committed to You and Your ways because You have shown Yourself to be faithful to me. I pray that I will continue to use Your Word as my compass and guide.

Following God Always,

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