Morning Fellowship with Alliance Women

Mother’s Day weekend is a great time to reflect on who we are as women and all that God has called us to be. Our President, Sarah Malanowski will be sharing just how priceless and valuable we are to the King of Kings. We invite you to join us for the sweet time of fellowship as we reflect on who we are in Christ and how God designed us on purpose for His purpose.

We will talk about how God is using our book You Are Priceless to impact lives all over our city. You too can know how treasured you are by the Lord and live in freedom as you embrace all that He has for you. Sarah is excited to share with this group of women and speak life to every woman in attendance. Come join us for an extra special time as we embrace God’s message of love for us and find the rhythm of His heartbeat in the dance of life.


Biola University Speaking Engagement

Our President and co-founder Sarah Malanowski has been invited to be a part of a round table discussion at Biola University. Recently, the book You Are Priceless has become a recommended resource for a human trafficking class online. Sarah will be sharing how God has been using this book to bring freedom to women in prisons, clubs, trafficked survivors, recovery groups, and more. It is a great honor to have her represent our ministry at this beautiful event to bring awareness to the students and help them understand how they too can be part of the solution.

Biola University students are passionate about the fight against human trafficking and anxious to do whatever it takes to win the battle against it. Thank you Sarah for representing our ministry at this event!