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sarah malanowski president

Sarah Malanowski

Sarah Malanowski is President and Co-Founder of The Priceless Journey. This journey started when she felt the Lord leading her to custom design a book for women in the Commercial Sex Industry. She has been on the ride of a lifetime ever since. She loves to connect with audiences and share how one “yes” forever changed the trajectory of her life. What would this world be like if more people said yes to what God is leading them to do? It’s not always easy. It’s completely a step by step walk of faith every day, but Sarah does it joyfully knowing she is fulfilling the Kingdom Dream that God has for her.

When you don’t find her writing, teaching, speaking, or ministering to others… you will find her at home enjoying married life with her best friend, Paul and treasuring every moment with her precious boys (Zion – 4 and Gabriel – 2). She has somehow learned to manage the impossible balance of wifehood, motherhood, work, life, ministry, non-profit. Many days she is left dumbfounded that God would choose to give her the opportunities He does and is grateful that He would entrust her with such an incredible ministry while doing what she loves most: motherhood. It’s not easy. But God has proven Himself faithful and Sarah is willing to take the next step as He leads.

When you welcome Sarah to your event, you welcome someone who loves Jesus with all her heart and oozes with passion for God’s purpose. Your audience will leave refreshed, refocused, and re-energized after your time with her, as she welcomes you to join her on The Priceless Journey.

Sarah is passionate about sharing what makes us priceless to God. He sees us, He knows us, and He loves us. Our past does not define us. It doesn’t take away from the love He wants to pour out freely on our lives. Sarah wants to share the values she has learned in embracing the Father heart of God and finding her identity in Christ alone. Hear the vision God gave her for the Priceless book series and how every woman can embrace her value in Christ.

Sarah enjoys sharing the adventure she has been on with The Priceless Journey. It all started with one simple and timid yes. Walking one feeble step at a time, Sarah has been on a faith journey, trusting God with the details and learning that there is joy in the unknown. She hasn’t done things perfectly along the way but she enjoys sharing how God has taken her step by step through the process. Is there a yes you have yet to give to the Lord? He wants to take your yes and lead you in the ride of a lifetime. Will you trust Him?

Do you ever walk around defeated, playing old messages from the enemy? Have you lost sight of God’s purpose for you? Sarah would love to share her seven keys to a victorious mindset with you and encourage you to live passionately for the Lord. He created you with purpose and His plan is perfect. There is no flaw in His design of you and you can live with this in focus.

Are you a mom struggling to keep the right perspective? Does the occasional mommy beast come out in you? How can you control your anger? Let Sarah share her top principles with you on how to live with an empowered mindset. She will share her tips and tricks that have helped her stay sane through some mommy challenges. Figuring out the impossible balance in life and ministry, embracing the joy of motherhood and riding the waves of child-rearing.

Sarah believes that every valley is just a springboard to the next mountain. Yes, there are times when life gets you down, but you don’t have to stay down. Joy is a choice. And we can make a conscious choice every day to not let Satan steal our joy. Sarah would love the opportunity to share her seven principles with you on how to live a joy-filled life despite the challenges that arise in life.

natalie priceless journey

Natalie Southward

In addition to her work as a counselor, Natalie enjoys speaking at various organizations, including schools, community groups and churches. She has presented on a variety of topics,

Speaking Topics

  • Breaking free from your Past
  • Grief
  • Codependency and recovery
  • Processing Pain and releasing Shame
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Understanding the armor of God
  • Physical, emotional, relational and sexual health
  • Healthy communication and conflict resolution
  • Empowerment of women to be who God has called them to be

Prior Speaking Engagements

  • Spirit FM (The Big Big House Morning Show guest appearances)
  • Crossover Church, Idlewild Baptist Church, Oak Grove Church
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Hillsborough High School
  • LifeCare Pregnancy Center
  • Community events

Natalie welcomes the opportunity to be a speaker for your next event. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

In her personal life, Natalie is married to her best friend Eric. They have two daughters,  21 and 5 year old, and 2 month old son. Having faced many challenging life situations of her own, Natalie believes that one of her greatest strengths is the ability to relate to others going through life hurts and struggles.

“When I look back on my life I see pain, mistakes, and heartache. Today I see strength, lessons learned, and a heart that has been healed and now full of Christ’s love. Roman 6:14 Sin is no longer my Master for I am no longer subject to the law, which enslaves me to sin. Instead, I am FREE by GOD’s GRACE.

Living right doesn’t always mean easy. God’s power is at work in you and in me. God is stronger than our struggles. We must live eternity focused, for this life is not my own it is for his glory! God is pursuing you and he wants your heart, he will cherish it and bring healing. So I want to encourage you to release whatever it is that you are holding onto and be open to what he wants to pour out upon you! You are loved and you are worth loving!” ~ Natalie

Ivory Granger

Ivory is a passionate speaker who loves nothing more than empowering women to trust in the God who loves them, be confident in who He created them to be, and truly understand how priceless and valuable they are to their Abba-Father. She loves to share from her personal experiences as a  wife, mom, sister, friend, and woman. She’s one that will laugh, probably cry, but at the end of the day leave her heart on the stage as she shares about God’s heart for them.

Speaking Topics:

What woman hasn’t struggled with confidence in some place in her heart and life? Maybe it’s her physical appearance, personality, weight or lack thereof, relationship status, maybe it’s her story. God wants us to walk in confidence in all He’s allowed, formed, created and wants to embrace every “flaw” and watch Him use it in His-story!  God is teaching Ivory how to be Chic: Confident and happy in Christ and she wants to encourage every woman to join her on the journey of finding her confidence in happiness in no other source, place or person but Jesus Christ.

In a world and a church culture where somewhere in the mix we believed the lie that we can’t be our real authentic selves, but have to stay buttoned up and have it all together. Ivory will share about Keepin’ it Real-Relationships, Empowered, Attitude, Laughter. Are you walking real in your relationships-starting with yourself? Are you walking empowered as a daughter of the King? Is your attitude impacted by the masks you wear? Is your life full of genuine laughter or a questioning laugh of disbelief?

Ivory shares how she’s learning to rest in the Lord in the unexpected things of life. She uses REST as an acrostic to give you tips and tools on how to rest in the Lord right where you are and when expectations don’t quite go how you wish they would.

There are many devastations that take place in life… many losses… Ivory shares some of the devastations that have come in her life and how she’s allowing God to turn them into an invitation to see Him more, press into Him more and watch Him meet her in those places.

Have you questioned your purpose? Have you had experiences that make you doubt that you really matter? Has life stolen away the reality of your significance and that you were created to change the world? Ivory tackles this topic!

candia national director

Candia Marie

After many years in the Sex Industry, (Clubs, Adult Movies and Escorting) and many more years of substance abuse (drugs and alcohol) and unhealthy relationships, I met Jesus. He rescued me from it all! I’m now married with 4 children (between the two of us), homeschool mom, a business owner, very active in my local church and furthering my studies in Ministry and Leadership through Grace Bible College.

My hope is that through sharing with you, that you too, will experience hope and the overwhelming love of Jesus. My prayer is that you will allow Him to rescue you too and you will begin this journey of discovering that you are Priceless.

In 1 Timothy 1:16 (NLT) it says, “But God had mercy on me so that Christ Jesus could use me as a prime example of his great patience with even the worst sinners. Then others will realize that they, too, can believe in him and receive eternal life”.

Speaking Topics:

Candia loves to share the testimony that God has entrusted to her about the years she experienced in the sex industry. She can personally tell you that no one is ever too far gone. God got ahold of her and drastically changed her story. He showed her that she was priceless and she loves to share that message with women who have yet to experience the power of God’s love!

Candia embraces every opportunity to speak to young women about the choices they make and how those choices will affect them for a lifetime. She has a wealth of knowledge about what life looks like from the lens of bad decisions and poor choices. She loves to bring that personal experience to young women in hopes that they will choose wisely and live more fully!

Candia would love the opportunity to share with you the effects of pornography and how to break the cycle of use in your home. She has had some personal experiences with this that give her a heart of compassion for those who struggle with it and a fighting spirit to help every person break free from the ugly cycle of pornography use. The truth can and will set you free when you embrace the message of redemption through Candia’s personal testimony.

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