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…for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again, but the wicked are brought down by calamity. (Proverbs 24:16)

I’ve been hearing many stories lately of people who have been stumbling.  This verse reminds me that it doesn’t matter how many times you stumble or how many times you fall down…  What matters is how many times you get back up again?  If you fall down 5 times, get back up 6.  If you fall 9 times, get back up 10.  Never let anything keep you down!

I’m kind of looking at this like a football game.  How many guys have fumbled the ball?  The answer is too many to count.  Does the team kick the player while he’s down?  Do they argue over why he fumbled the ball?  Do they talk about how bad he screwed up?  No, they go on with the game.  They are a team and the only way they can win the game is together.  We as Christians are part of a bigger team.  God’s team.  We all fumble the ball once in a while.  We all stumble and fall.  It’s okay, we can and should be able to count on each other.  Stay in the game.  Keep your eyes on the end zone!  Do not let the enemy defeat you or keep you down!  One fumble never lost a game!

In fact, teams have come back from huge mistakes to win games.  God’s team is bigger than any NFL team.  His team is going to win the biggest game in History.  Are you ready to go to the end zone with God?  Are you ready to score a touchdown for God?  Are you ready to be a team player?  Will you choose to get back up and play the game?

I know life has been tough.  It’s handed you all sorts of penalties.  The other team’s defense is pretty good and it’s hard to play against that kind of defense.  But you can win and you will win, if you follow God’s strategy.  Here’s a little peek into God’s playbook. His strategy will make you a guaranteed winner.  The outcome of your game will be success after success, if you follow Him to the goal line.

Number 1:  Get into the game.

A righteous man plays the game of life with the team.  He is not sitting on the bench watching the team fight for the win.  He wants to be in it.  He will do whatever it takes to work with His team to get to the goal line.

Number 2:  Know your position on the team.

Every player has a position.  The team for God is most effective when they utilize their gifts, their talents, and their passions on the team.  Every Christian has a place on God’s Team.  What’s your position?  How will you play effectively for God’s Team?

“Now you are the body of Christ and each one of you is a part of it.”  ~1 Corinthians 12:27 (NIV)

Number 3:  When you Fumble get back up!

Never let a fumble keep you from playing the game.  There will be times that you stumble and times that you fumble the ball.  It’s okay!  Don’t give up!  Let the team carry you!  No matter how many times you fumble the ball, just make sure you get back up at least one more time.  The team needs you.  You are an incredible asset to this team.  We need your strength, your ability, your talents, your gifts, and your passion!  You are part of a team fighting for an eternal purpose!

Number 4:  Know what your playing for!

Do you know where the goal line is?  Do you have the end zone in sight?  It would be very difficult to play a game of football without knowing where the end zone is, in fact it would be virtually impossible.  You need to know where your team is headed, so you can run with them in the right direction. May we all here these words one day:

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

~2 Timothy 4:7 (NIV)

Eternity should always be in view for our team.  We should always remember that this life on earth is but a breath, a fleeting moment, compared to all that God has prepared for us in eternity.  We are running towards the End Zone covered in gold where one day all of the running, the tackling, the play by plays, the strategy, the mud, the sore muscles, bruises, aches and pains will make sense.  God will make sense of every play we endure on this earth.  In His Word it says,

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

~Romans 8:28 (NIV)

There are times when this game of life hurts.  There are times we get tackled, times when the plays don’t lead to an immediate victory, times when we fumble, times when the opponent seems to have an unfair advantage, and times when the injuries just keep us from playing the game.  We need to stay focused.  Focus on the Coach, the One who knows the game better than we ever could.  Focus on the One who knows your life better than you ever will.  Focus on the One who will teach you through your fumbles and celebrate your touchdowns with you.  May you see the Lord cheering for you in the stands, coaching you from the sidelines, and most of all picking you up when you fumble!

Dear Father God, Thank You for being the Coach of the Year every year.  You never fail and You are able to exceed every expectation I could ever have.  Thank you for teaching me how to be the best on Your team.  Please help me to be an effective Christian who plays to the best of my ability and always gets back up again when I fall.  May I never stop giving You my all!

Proud to be on the Winning Team,

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