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Delightful Wisdom ~ Psalm 119 Part 4

You rebuke the proud and arrogant, the accursed ones, who err and wander from Your commandments.  Take away from me reproach and contempt, for I keep Your testimonies.  Princes also sat and talked against me, but Your servant meditated on Your statutes.  Your testimonies also are my delight and my counselors. (Psalm 119:21-24, AMP)

Getting back to the heart of Psalm 119.  The test yesterday was ugly from a human perspective, but as I watched God turn things around all I could do was smile.  God was winning!  He always wins!  He is VICTORIOUS!  Whenever you doubt this and think someone or something is going to get the best of you, go to the Word of God and find the many times that God has been faithful to those who walk righteously before Him.  He does not leave us defenseless.  He always comes through for us!  Even in this part of Psalm 119, I can see that God’s timing is perfect.

Getting back to the basics of Psalm 119 and the map for our lives.  May we continue to walk boldly for God and find all the treasures that God has waiting for us.  Here is what we have found so far:

1.  Psalm 119:1-8 ~ Walk with integrity and follow the instructions in God’s Word.  May it be our desire to reflect His heart with our actions in our daily lives.

2.  Psalm 119:9-16 ~ It is so important to hide God’s Word in our heart.  We are better equipped to handle the enemy’s attacks when we have God’s Word hidden as a treasure within our hearts.

3.  Psalm 119:17-20 ~ How to find the pearls of opportunity in the Word of God!  The four pearls we found are:  God’s Word is a gift of life to the Soul, His Word illuminates the Soul, God’s Word reminds us we aren’t Home yet, and the Word stirs up longing in our Souls.  May we treasure God’s Word in our hearts on a daily basis.

Stepping into the next Phase of Psalm 119…

“You rebuke the proud and arrogant, the accursed ones, who err and wander from Your commandments.” ~vs. 21

1. We all too often concern ourselves with those who fall away from God or simply live their lives to humiliate us.  They live in their arrogance.  Their pride is their downfall.  It may look like they are gaining ground for a moment, but nothing they do will last.  David says it best in Psalm 37:1-2, “Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong; for like the grass they will soon die away (NIV).”  It may look like the enemy has blossomed for a season, but trust me God will overcome.  He does not let those who wander from His commandments live in the bountiful beauty of His riches forever.  Just like the green grass fades when a new season comes, so too will your enemy’s comments, actions, and arrogance fade away.  Stand firm, do not wander from your place in God.

“Take away from me reproach and contempt, for I keep Your testimonies.” ~vs. 22

2.   Reproach – a cause of blame, discredit, disgrace

Contempt – the lack of respect or reverence for something or someone

I have taken the time to show you the definition of these two words because looking at yesterday’s experience, I can certainly see this played out in my own life.  How many times have you stood up for what you clearly believe is right before God and in return receive a disgraceful lack of respect? It is clear in this passage that David has faced this or is facing it in this moment.  He was asking God to take away the people who were acting this way towards him, as he was living his life out for the Lord.  Are you living your life out for the Lord and can’t understand sometimes why you are ridiculed?  It is difficult to walk with your head held high when attacked from a fellow employee, a family member, a friend, anyone you care about. No one likes to have their character attacked.  But let me promise you that if you continue to be steadfast for God and His work, He will see you through even the toughest of moments.  He will take your pain and turn it into joy.  He will carry your burdens, just hand them over!

“Princes also sat and talked against me, but Your servant meditated on Your statutes.” ~vs. 23

3.  David mentions in this verse that even the Princes of his day were slandering his name.  You see even in our day there are people we look up to and think, “Surely, they know God and will only say good things.”  Unfortunately, everyone is capable of sin.  Only God is unwavering.  He will be the One to calm the storm, to speak words of love into our lives, He will bring joy to the dormant places, and hope will come alive in Him.  Do not grow weary of doing great things in the Lord, as He will always remain true to you!

“Your testimonies also are my delight and my counselors.” ~vs. 24

4.  No matter how cruel this world can be, we must learn to cling to God’s Word.  It is a fountain of wisdom for our lives.  The testimony of who God is, has been, and ever will be are the hidden treasures within every page of the Word of God.  May we read with a hunger to know God and truly delight in the fact that He has forever been the same from age to age.  May we seek Him for guidance, as He is our True Counselor.  His wisdom will show us how to live life out to the most optimal ways on this earth.

Lord, I pray that I will seek your wisdom on this earth.  I know there will be those who try to come in and lead me astray from hearing Your voice, but I pray I will recognize the lies from the Truth.  May I continue to connect with You and live out a life that is reflective of Your Counsel!  You are the One who knows who I am and has the answers to all of the questions in my life.  I seek You with every breath I take, as I continue to move forward in humble awareness of who You are!

Delighting in the Knowledge of Your Word,

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