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Brilliant Love

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse. (Romans 1:20)


God is so crazy about you and I, that He has made it impossible for us to deny and know who He truly is.  Everywhere we turn we are reminded that there is a Father in Heaven who loves and adores us.  Someone who has taken time to create animals, trees, ocean depths, mountain tops, stars above, galaxies, and human bodies.  The imagination cannot fathom all that God has created.  We are simply left with one conclusion…  THERE IS A GOD and you are not Him!

Creation speaks of a Creator, one who has left His mark on everything He has designed.  His signature is on every detail of the finest things He has created.  I’m reminded of this because of a simple opportunity I have been given to go snorkeling.  I was able to experience just a little bit of what the ocean had to offer.  The colors of the fish below and the coral reef.  It’s truly indescribable, but I will try to explain it anyway.  God puts the colors orange, blue, yellow, and red together.  He knows how to out do Himself.  It’s so amazing!  Every single creature under the sea proclaims with their colors God’s glorious name.  They shout His praises!  Are you doing the same with the colors of your life?

The ocean is not the only place that hides the great design of God’s handy work, but this is the place of exploration I have set out to share with you today.  There is an undeniable brilliance under water.  Scientists have not even begun to name all the species of creatures there are.  In fact , an article in Science Daily says,

“An estimated 5,000 previously unknown ocean fish species and hundreds of thousands of other marine life forms are yet to be discovered, according to scientists engaged in a massive global scientific collaboration to identify and catalog life in the oceans.”  (October 24, 2003)

Can you imagine this?  I would love to be the one discovering all these unknown fish species and marine life forms.  This is what God has created.  His fingerprints are on each fish.  Every color and every design is His.  Each fish and each life form speaks of His name.  They are His.  They live to glorify Him.  What an amazing thought?  God loves us so much that He has created this many fish and marine species to leave us in awe of who He is.  His mysteries are ever unknown to us and wonderfully shared with us moment by moment.

Will you celebrate the design of other fish in the ocean around you?  Will you choose to glorify God even when people look odd in the way they were created or the way they act?  Remember, you might look odd to them.  I’m sure the octopus looks odd to the whale and the shrimp probably looks pretty odd to the seahorse and the starfish looks out of place to the jellyfish.  I could go on and on, but do you think this matters?  Do you think each one looks at the other and says, “You don’t belong here.”  No, the ocean was created for all the fish in the sea.

It’s time to realize that Christ died on the cross for all those who have sinned.  Take the gift of the gospel to each one who is lost, not to those who you feel most comfortable in sharing it with.  May you be challenged to share God’s love with even the swordfish of the ocean or the stingray.  You were designed to bring God’s love to the world, not to keep it in your snorkel gear.  Swim out deeply and let others know who has loved you more than anyone else ever could.  He is crazy about you and has proven it through His creation.  Don’t waste another minute!

Dear Father God, Thank You for reminding us through Your creation that we are loved, not for what we have done but for all that You are!  I’m so blessed to be loved by a Father who cherishes me and sees the colors in my design.  Please help me to love others in the ocean around me with Your crazy and abundant LOVE!

Swimming in this Big Sea of Brilliant Love,


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