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Alabaster Box

Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven–for she loved much.  But he who has been forgiven little loves little. (Luke 7:47)

Can you imagine that moment in time when the room was silent and all eyes turned to one woman who came with her absolute best?  It was the most beautiful moment in worship to ever grace the Gospels.  I’m sure you could have heard a pin drop, as Jesus responded to the woman at His feet.  Oh, what a beautiful moment as she offers herself to the Lord.  She humbles herself before Him and gives her absolute best!  When was the last time we gave our best in worship?  When did we come to worship not caring what anyone else in the room thought?  Let’s examine this, as we step back into the story of a woman who was changed by the love of our Savior!

Please stop and read Luke 7:36-50.  Seriously, don’t read on, until you have read this passage!

There are three main characters in this passage of Scripture.  I want to explore what their roles are and what we can learn from them.

1.  Simon the Pharisee

Simon’s thoughts were negative and displeasing to the Lord.  Instead of enjoying the moment of worship, he was busy picking out the sin in this woman’s life.  He was caught up in how things should be or ought to be.  Have you ever been in a worship service and been thinking to yourself…  “Well, if the worship was just a little more like this…  If the song selection was more like this…  If the lead singer sang like this…  If they weren’t so loud…  If they were a little bit louder…”  Oh, how we miss it, when we start thinking about how worship should benefit us.  Do you know that the word worship really means “to assign worth (value) to God”?  What are you assigning worth to?  Is it God?  If you want to worship God in spirit and in truth, it won’t matter what the song selection is… how loud, how quiet, how it sounds…  You will be able to worship God because you’re showing up to simply assign Him the worth He is due!

2.  Sinful Woman

How would you like to be known by that title?  Luke titles this passage of Scripture “Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman” and Simon addresses the woman as living a sinful life.  But you never see Jesus address her through her sin.  He sees her in a whole different light.  Everything Jesus says about her is positive.  Here is what we know about her…

  • Simon did not offer water for Jesus feet, but she wet his feet with her tears.  ~vs. 44
  • Simon did not kiss the Lord when he entered the home, but she never stopped kissing the Lord’s feet. ~vs. 45
  • Simon did not offer oil for Jesus head, but she poured perfume on his feet.  ~vs. 46

Now it was not mandatory for Simon to perform all these duties, but it was customary in that time frame to offer these things when a guest entered your home.

This woman enters the story known as a sinful woman, but leaves known by her faith.  She performed a great act of worship.  She was not distracted by those around her or the former life she used to live.  She was simply drawn to respond in worship to the One who gave her True Life.  The One who set her free.  The next time you worship…  Take time to be free from the distractions around you and focus in on the One who has set you free!

Jesus said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.” (Luke 7:50)

3.  Jesus

There is always so much we can learn from Jesus and how He responds to every situation.  He did not quarrel with Simon.  He did not make him feel inferior.  He simply shared a story that Simon could relate to.  He shared the difference of what forgiveness can do in someone’s life.  Then He followed through on that forgiveness.  We are kept from worship when our hearts are in the midst of a quarrel and when we have unforgiveness in our hearts.  The Lord teaches us to forgive and forgive in a big way.  We must love each other, as Christ has loved us.  We have been forgiven much and our response to that is to continue forgiving others!  Please examine your heart and see if there is any unforgiveness there.  May God continue to release you from unforgiveness and teach you how to forgive others!

“…God is love.  Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.” (1 John 4:16)

Challenge: Read Luke 7

Memory Verse: Genesis 2:2-3, How is it going with memorizing these verses?  What is God teaching you?  I would love to hear about it!  Drop me a line!

Dear Father God, I see a little of myself in all three of these characters in the story.  I know I have been the judgmental person more than once and I pray for Your forgiveness.  Please help me to take my eyes off of the shoulda, coulda, and wouldas.  Help me to keep my eyes on YOU!  You’re all that matters!  May I learn to truly worship You, as the woman in this story has worshipped.  She didn’t care who was watching and I love that!  I want to worship, knowing that I’m worshiping my King!  May my life continue to reflect the One who gave His life for me, so unselfishly so that I might live the complete life!  Help me to continue to forgive those who have wronged me and teach me what it means to truly reflect what I see in Your Word!

Bringing my Alabaster Box to You,

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  1. Desiray
    Desiray says:

    I love the song of Alabaster Box, have you heard Cee Winnans sing it? When I listen to the words of this song I can see myself so much…that is why I praise Him the way that I do no one was there so they don’t understand all I went through but thanks be to GOD, that He never stopped loving me in spite of myself.

    • Sarah
      Sarah says:

      I really enjoy the song too. I think Cee Cee does a fabulous job with the song. She has a beautiful voice.

      I’m praising God with you for the work He has done in my life. I’m so grateful for His guidance and love. He never stops amazing me!

      May God continue to bless your ministry and give you guidance in the work you are doing!

  2. Marianne Lordi
    Marianne Lordi says:

    Great teaching, Sarah! You did an awesome job here.

    The alabaser box had to be broken in order to release the precious oil to annoint Christ. And the woman was broken as she came humbled before him to wash his feet with her tears. We all must come broken and surrenedered to Christ in worship. Until you are truly broken, you are too full of yourself!
    “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise”. Psalm 51:17

    • Sarah
      Sarah says:

      Thank you Marianne,

      It’s amazing how different our lives look when we get to that broken state. That place where all we have is God. It’s tough to become that weak, but it’s great to realize that it’s His strength that keeps us going each day.

      That truly broken state opens up room for the Almighty to do a great and abundant work inside of us! It’s a great place to be, humbled and ready for His work! Thank you for sharing the beautiful verse from Psalm. I’m so thankful that God continues to accept the broken pieces and makes a work of art out of our lives.

  3. Lori C.
    Lori C. says:

    Sarah & Marianne,

    What a beautiful devotion & great comments from both of you (& everyone else). It reminds me of 1-3 of the 12 steps of recovery: 1)Admitting that we’re powerless…and that our lives had become unmanageable [broken] 2) Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves [God]could restore us to sanity and 3) We made a decision to turn our lives & our wills over to the care of God. God is soooo good–all the time. Recently, my 2 oldest sons were suspended from school for leaving school property w/o an adult. I was so stressed & worried about this, but I had to give it & my boys over to God again. I know that worship is about giving our best [praise] to God, but sometimes I think in a way it’s about giving him the “bad stuff” too–so we don’t hang onto it out of our own wills (step 3). Does this sound right too (probably a little off subject, but hopefully related)? Thank you for your insight & devotion. I have learned so much from you, Sarah, and your devotions. All of God’s best to you, your family, and friends always!!!

    • Sarah
      Sarah says:


      Thank you for your added wisdom! It’s great to hear how God is using this devotional site in your life! I’m also grateful to hear that God is using the 12 steps of recovery to draw you closer to Him. The Bible says,

      “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” ~James 4:8

      May you continue to grow in the Lord and gain wisdom in Him!
      All God’s best to you and your family,

    • Marianne Lordi
      Marianne Lordi says:

      And may I just say to Lori that it really seems like God is really moving in you and strengthening you in your faith. Good for you! The best worship we can give God is to trust him in ALL things! Anything we don’t give to him, trying to work it out ourself, is something the enemy will see as an area to attack you. I always figured since God knows every single thing about me anyway, I tell him about even the smallest things that I struggle with. Remember we are told in Philippians that in everything we are to present our petitions to God.

      I will be praying for you, Lori! And thank you, Sarah, for this wonderful site.

      • Sarah
        Sarah says:

        Thank you Marianne for continuing to add your wisdom to these posts! I’m so blessed to have your insight on these devotionals! May God continue to bless the work you are doing!

        Lori, I second everything that Marianne said. God’s work in you has been tremendous. It’s an honor to watch the work of God inside of you and through you. May God continue His good work to completion in your life.

        “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” ~Romans 8:28

        May God continue His beautiful work in both of you, my sweet sisters in the Lord!


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